How to make ramen without a stove (3 gadgets needed)

In this guide we will discuss a few ways to make ramen without a stove. There can be a situation where a person does not have access to a cooking stove. All we need to do is to put things to use and it is possible for you to make ramen without a stove.

How to make ramen without a stove?

If you do not have access to a stove, there are other gadgets that could help to prepare ramen. You can use:

A microwave is just as easy to use. Instant ramen is made as quickly in a microwave as a stove. Some people do not have access to a stovetop, making them resort to other means such as using a microwave. For either instant ramen or noodles in a cup, you could use other means besides a stove. You can use two different ways to prepare your ramen in the microwave.

Besides using a microwave there are other makeshift ways to cook ramen. Lets explore some of these creative ways you could use to cook ramen. 

How to make ramen in the microwave?

Method 1

Measure two cups of water in a bowl. Be sure to choose a microwave-friendly bowl such as Pyrex. Use foil or Styrofoam because putting the wrong material could be disastrous to the microwave. Also materials such as plastics and Styrofoam can release BPA and toxins into the food, making it carcinogenic.

Now put your ramen inside the bowl. Either put whole ramen inside or break it up into chunks. Breaking it first into tiny pieces would allow for quick and uniform cooking. 

This step is optional, but you could stir your ramen every minute for the best result.

Stir in your seasoning packet after a while, and eat it while it is still hot.

Method 2

If you prefer first break the ramen up into pieces while it is still in the packet.

Then remove the noodles from the packet and put it in a microwave safe bowl. Fill it up with one or two cups of water according to the size of the bowl and your broth preference. 

Cover it with a lid or paper to avoid splattering. 

Put your bowl in the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes. This time range should be enough to make the water hot. Unlike the stove, the water wouldn’t boil here but be heated more uniformly than the stove. Still, to ensure maximum uniformity we recommend that you stop half time. Take the bowl out and check for signs that suggest over-stewing and stir using a fork. Alternatively, you could flip the ramen cake instead of stirring it. 

Leave the bowl in the microwave for about three minutes to prevent scald injuries to your hands and mouth. Or use some protection such as oven mitts and carefully take your bowl out from the oven. 

How to make ramen using an Electric Kettle?

If you have an electric kettle or an instant one cup kettle, you can use it to heat your ramen. 

If you don’t have access to a heating gadget but have hot water from the faucet, you can use it instead. The less hot your water is, the more time you would have to let it sit. Let your instant boiling-water tap open and pour it into your ramen cup or bowl directly. Fill water up to the marked line, cover, and let it sit for three minutes. 

Then put your seasoning in, stir and enjoy.

Other unconventional ways

If you have access to a coffee maker, espresso machine, you could pour hot water into your bowl. Have your ramen already in the bowl while you pour the water. Let it sit for three minutes and stir in your seasoning packet and consume.

The cheapest heating device to have around is an immersion heater. This small and handy device works when you plug it in and let the coil end sit in a vessel. All you need to do is fill your container up with water, plug it in an electrical outlet and let the coil do the heating up.

If you don’t have access to any heating equipment, you can ask a neighbor to help you. If you are lucky, they might oblige and let you use their kitchen or cooking equipment.

If you do not have a piece of heating equipment at hand, but sufficient time, then we suggest you eat it straight from the packet. If not, then you can pour some room temperature water in and let it sit for at least 40 minutes. The noodles would stay the same temperature as they were before, but soft enough to be edible.


In this guide, we discussed a few ways to make ramen without a stove. In a situation where a person does not have access to a cooking stove, we could utilize our resources for our benefit. There are plenty of ways to make ramen without a stove by using a microwave or any other source of hot water.


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