How to make puffed rice in the microwave? (3 quick recipes)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘How to make puffed rice in the microwave?’. We will discuss a few easy recipes to make puffed rice according to your preference. To make puffed rice, you only need some leftover rice, a microwave, and a microwavable bowl.

How to make puffed rice in the microwave?

Puffed rice is a good snack; that is cheap and accessible. It is filling, healthy and delicious. Instead of buying them, you can make them yourself in the microwave.

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Puffed rice is rich in carbohydrates, fibers, and calcium. The taste and nutrients make the puffed rice a superior snack over others.

 Microwaves are a handy cooking gadget that does not just re-heat your food but prepares snacks and meals.

You need to have two or three cups of cooked rice ready and follow these simple recipes.

Recipe 1: 

Line a large pan with parchment paper. Line it with a single layer of your cooked rice. Once you’re done with that, bake your rice until it is crisp and dry. 

Once it is dry, put it into a bowl with some oil and microwave your bowl. Listen to the rice popping — and make sure to take it out when the popping becomes less frequent. Otherwise, your freshly popped rice would turn to char.

Recipe 2:

This recipe calls for cooking your rice too. Clean your rice properly, and then pop it into a saucepan with some water. Set it on a low flame and cook for thirty minutes. Cook it longer than you usually would; your rice is supposed to be slightly overcooked for the best results.

Once the rice is cooked, set it out on a large tray lined with parchment paper. Leave it there for a whole day to let it dry.

After ensuring that your rice is nice and crisp, put your rice into some vegetable oil and pop your bowl into the microwave. You are done when you hear a popping sound similar to that made by popcorns. 

A couple of minutes later, you’ll have your puffed rice ready.

Recipe 3: 

If you don’t have any leftover rice, you’ll have to cook it. Clean your rice thoroughly before putting it into a saucepan filled with water. Set the saucepan over a low flame and cook the rice till it is tender. Add some salt or sugar, or an additional spice like thyme.

Set your cooked rice in a single, fine layer on a tray. It will dry faster on a tray lined with a baking sheet or parchment paper. Let the tray sit for a few hours to give it time to dry.

To make the rice crispy and ready for puffing, you’ll have to bake it for a few hours at 375° Fahrenheit. 

When that is done, let the rice cool. Melt some butter and pour it into a microwaveable bowl. Put one-quarter of a cup of your baked rice into the melted butter and pop your bowl into the microwave. You’ll have to be careful about the amount of time the rice spends in the microwave since the rice can burn easily. 

When it’s done popping, you can take it out and your puffed rice is ready to be served.

Those are three different ways to make puffed rice comfortably at home, assisted with your microwave. Without much effort, you will end up with a tasty snack and leftover rice will be utilized.


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What kind of rice do you need?

White rice is the most popular option, but brown rice has been tested and has proved to be just as reliable. Long rice may take a little longer to pop than short rice. It all comes down to your preference and comfort.

However, while you make puffed rice in the microwave you need to be wary of a few things. Rice can burn quickly and easily, without you even realizing it. This requires listening carefully to your rice and checking up on it every so often. If you neglect to check up on rice they may end up; charred and puffed. 

Be careful when you’re taking out the rice as well. You don’t want the remaining oil to splash on you or the butter to burn your skin. The recipes may seem easy to follow but require caution, planning, and time management. 

There are different ways you can utilize your microwave. To reheat food, prepare meals, or even snacks. Even if you just look at the example of making puffed rice in a microwave, it has so many advantages. 

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘How to make puffed rice in the microwave?’. We discussed three easy recipes to make puffed rice according to your preference. To make puffed rice, you only need some leftover rice, a microwave, and a microwavable bowl.


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