How to liquify chocolate? (+3 mistakes to avoid)

In this article, we will answer the question “How to liquify chocolate?”, and how to thin melted chocolate for drizzling.

How to liquify chocolate?

The microwave method

  1. Coarsely chop the chocolate and transfer it to a microwave-safe bowl.
  1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave at 70 power for 60 seconds.
  1. Remove the bowl from the microwave and stir.
  1. Heat again and stir after every 30-second interval. Repeat until the chocolate is completely melted.

The stovetop to the double broiler method

  1. Over a bowl of simmering water, adjust a metal or glass bowl such that It does not touch the water from the bottom. Place chopped chocolate in it.
  1. Use a heat-proof rubber spatula to stir the chocolate frequently until It is completely melted.

The water bath or the hands-off method

  1. Add enough water to a slow cooker to fill it ⅓ from the bottom. Let the water heat at high without the lid on.
  1. Fill wide-mouthed mason jars with coarsely chopped chocolate and place them in the water. Be careful of the splashes. The water should not get inside the jar.
  1. Keep the lid off and let the chocolate melt. It will take about 30 minutes.

The slow cooker method or the big-batch way

  1. Cook the chopped chocolate at high in a slow cooker for 1 hour.
  1. After an hour, stir the chocolate and melt to cook at a reduced heat for about an hour or until the chocolate is completely melted. Stir the chocolate after regular intervals (every 15 minutes).

The sandwich bag method or the decorator’s way 

  1. Transfer the coarsely chopped chocolate to a resealable plastic bag or a sandwich-sized ziplock bag.
  1. Fill a bowl with hot water (not boiling) and place tightly sealed bags of chocolate in it.
  1. When melted and cool, cut the corner of the bag to make a small hole. Drizzle the chocolate and enjoy.

How to thin melted chocolate for drizzling?

Sometimes the melted chocolate might come out too thick and dull. Follow the tricks below to add gloss to your melted chocolate whilst thinning it for the perfect drizzle on ice creams and other desserts.

Add oil, butter, or shortening

Add coconut or canola oil to the chocolate before melting it. The amount depends on the consistency of the end-product.

Add Paramount Crystals for melting chocolate in bulk

Paramount crystals are made up of partially hydrogenated palm oil. Lecithin is added as an emulsifier and citric acid acts as a preservative. They are very economical as compared to cocoa butter and serve the same purpose i.e keep the chocolate fluid. 

Add 1Tsp of paramount crystals for every cup of the melted chocolate. This method is particularly useful when thinning a large amount of melted chocolate, hence, popular among professional bakers.

Pour in some milk

Add some warm milk into the warm and melted chocolate. Use whole milk to get a richer consistency and creamy taste. Using warm cream will add a whole lot of flavor and richness due to the higher fat content.

Mistakes to avoid when melting and thining chocolate

Melt slowly

Melt the chocolate slowly to avoid over-heating which leads to thickening. The temperature of the milk or white chocolate should not exceed 115 °F/46 °C or 110 °F/43 °C.

Do not add water for a thinner consistency

Never use water to make the chocolate thinner. It will make the chocolate clumpy. The clumps will dissolve if more water is added and the chocolate is whisked vigorously. But the texture will not be the same.

Do not add cold ingredients to the chocolate

Adding cold ingredients like cold butter or oil will result in making your melted and warm chocolate clumpy. This happens because the sugars separate from the fats resulting in a clumpy texture. 

Similarly, avoid putting the warm chocolate directly into the fridge. Let it come to room temperature first.

How to use melted chocolate?


Melted chocolate is great for dipping nuts and fruits. Fruits like blueberries, pomegranate, strawberries, oranges, dried apricots dipped in chocolate make for a great snack and are also good for decoration. Add sprinkles on the chocolate coating before it sets.


Drizzle chocolate over cookies, cakes, waffles, ice cream, candies even milkshakes. You can add color to the chocolate to enhance its decorative value.


Use the piping bag to decorate cakes with melted chocolate using intricate designs or write a beautiful message. It is especially great for birthday cakes. Don’t have a piping bag? Use a makeshift piping bag by cutting the corner of a regular ziplock bag.


In this article, we answered the question “How to liquify chocolate?”, and how to thin melted chocolate for drizzling.


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