How to know if watermelon is spoiled

In this article, we will briefly discuss how to know if watermelon is spoiled, the article will also talk about some of the ways to store watermelon. 

How to know if watermelon is spoiled?

Watermelon will lose all its juice and ripe texture when it is spoiled, becoming a jelly that is difficult to eat and also unpleasant to smell. These are some of the obvious signs to look out for when you have a half-cut watermelon. 

It’s rather easy to check if a half-cut watermelon is spoiled or not because you can see the flesh of the fruit. Most of the time, the jelly is quite visible with a very dry texture and sometimes even molds growing on the surface.

Signs that the watermelon is spoiled 

To check whether a whole watermelon is spoiled or not might be a bit tricky, so keep in mind to check the following things when you are out to buy one.

  1. Dark spots 

If you find any dark spots on the outside or the shell of the watermelon then it is an indicator that the fruit will get spoiled very soon. Instead, it should have dark green and pink altering shades which is a promising feature of fresh fruit.

  1. Damaged exterior

A dent on the outside might seem harmless or even the vendor might tell you that it is nothing but if the outside is damaged, then it is most likely that the fruit inside is not good too. 

  1. Smell it for a few seconds

This might be a new one as watermelons usually have no smell but only a hard outer shell. This is not the case, you can actually get a sweet whiff when you smell the outer shell for a few seconds or you will get a moldy smell. 

  1. Don’t get a dry watermelon

Spoiled or near to being spoiled watermelons have a very dry outer shell and oftentimes you will also notice cracks that will confirm that the fruit is not fresh at all. A dry watermelon will also have its flesh separating from its rind. 

How long can you store it for?

It is better to consume watermelon within five days of buying it and if you want to make sure that a pre-cut watermelon is fresh or not then cut a little piece to taste it. The taste will pretty much tell you everything!

An uncut watermelon is good to go for more than a week if it is kept outside at room temperature.As this fruit is a summer special, they can endure the intense heat and will still be juicy and ripe. 

If you, however, cut a watermelon to store it inside the fridge, then make sure to eat it within 3 days. It will be fresh as new inside the cool, dry environment of a fridge.

Want to prolong the shelf life of watermelon?

The best way to prolong the freshness of a watermelon is to cut it and refrigerate in airtight bags or boxes. Air tight boxes are a huge success because they maintain the freshness of the fruit while keeping it in a completely moisture-free environment.

Freezing watermelons

Yes, you can freeze watermelons to increase their shelf life but make sure that you remove the seeds and cut the watermelon properly before you freeze it. You can then use it to make juices because eating a frozen watermelon would be difficult on your teeth.

Best-before date

Some watermelons come with a best-before date that will help you decide which fruit to buy and whether it is fresh or not. You can further ensure its freshness by checking for the signs that are listed above. 

Do not consume spoiled watermelon

The freshness of a watermelon depends on how long it was placed in a supermarket. If a pre-cut watermelon is placed for too long, it is possible that molds will start to grow on its surface or it will have a very foul smell. Consuming such fruit can be risky for health.

Discoloration means that the fruit was cut and placed at room temperature for too long which resulted in reactions that led to a dark jelly like color. It tastes like spoiled jelly and has the appearance of a slime. 

So now you know how to buy a watermelon even if it is not cut and still get a fresh one. For the pre-cut ones, you can easily rely on your sight and smell to get you juicy and fresh fruit.


In this article, we briefly discussed how to know if watermelon is spoiled, the article also talked about some of the ways to store watermelon. 


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