How to know if tomatoes are spoiled

In this brief article, we will discuss how to know if tomatoes are spoiled. This article will also talk about the proper way of storing tomatoes so they can be fresh for a long time. 

How to know if tomatoes are spoiled?

Spoiled tomatoes have a wrinkly skin with mold on them or if there is no mold you will find liquid leaking from spoiled tomatoes. On the other hand, fresh tomatoes have a firm skin which is tight and are heavy when you hold them.


If the tomato has black or green mold on it with a film of wax then it definitely is bad news. Fresh tomatoes have a smooth texture, molds can be dangerous for health if they are consumed leading to food poisoning. 

Wrinkles on tomatoes doesn’t always mean that it is bad, instead it is a sign that the tomato is dehydrated. You can cut the tomato to see whether there are molds inside the tomato or not. 

Liquid oozing from the tomato

When tomatoes go bad, their outer skin becomes very mushy which means that they lose their original weight. The mushy surface sometimes leads to oil like liquid oozing out of the tomato.

Putrid aroma 

You can know if a tomato is spoiled by smelling near the stem area of your tomato which will have a putrid smell. Trust your instincts with this because if it smells rotten then it definitely is rotten. 

Tips to store tomatoes 

Storing tomatoes properly will increase their shelf life and also give you an idea of how to use them more efficiently without leaving them to rot. 

  1. Storing unripe tomatoes 

PLace the stem side of the unripe tomatoes downwards on a paper or plastic bag inside the refrigerator. These tomatoes will take a few days to get red, plump and fully ripen. 

  1. Storing fully ripe tomatoes

Make sure that you store fully ripe tomatoes away from sunlight because that will speed up the aging process. Store them in a dry place where they should be kept apart from each other and tips of the stem facing upward. 

Shelf life of canned tomatoes

Canned tomatoes can last for an entire year if they are unopened. The preservatives inside prevent the tomatoes from going bad or any bacteria from coming inside. Once the can is open, try to use it within a week when the tomatoes will be fresh. Keep it refrigerated at all times.

What happens when tomatoes overripe 

Overripe tomatoes will have a very sloppy surface, better to store them inside the refrigerator which will slow down the aging process and make them last for a few more days. If the overripe tomatoes don’t have mold or a funny smell coming from them, freeze them to use at a later date.

Freeze overripe tomatoes 

Freezing overripe tomatoes will let you use them a week later too. The frozen tomatoes will have to be thawed and defrosted. Don’t use them in salads because the taste might have changed, that’s why it is better to cook them. 

Remove the stem of the tomato and put them in a plastic bag before you toss them in the freezer. 

How to store cut tomatoes

STore the cut tomatoes by placing them in an air-tight container and placing them in the refrigerator. You don’t want to put them in the coldest part of the refrigerator, just the section that is cold enough to keep the tomatoes fresh and dry. 

What causes the tomatoes to go bad?

There are some factors that increase the aging process of tomatoes, avoid the following habits when you store tomatoes. 

  • Putting ripe tomatoes in a plastic bag will make their skin sloppy and also cause molds to grow. This is because of the moisture that gets trapped inside the bag. This is why ripe tomatoes should always be stored in a dry and cool place away from sunlight. 
  • Although refrigeration is a good way to protect tomatoes from overripening, it will change the taste of tomatoes. This is why a cool pantry is preferred over refrigeration.
  • Don’t store tomatoes in a pile, this will bruise the skin because of the pressure on the delicate skin. If there is a crack, it gives way for bacteria to start growing in that place. 

Consuming spoiled tomatoes can make you sick with an uneasy feeling in your stomach.

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In this brief article, we will discuss how to know if tomatoes are spoiled. This article will also talk about the proper way of storing tomatoes so they can be fresh for a long time.