How to know if the juice is spoiled

In this article, we will answer, ‘’how to know if the juice is spoiled’’ This article will also discuss in detail how to store juice properly and the harmful effects of drinking spoiled juice.

How to know if the juice is spoiled?

When juice is spoiled, it will give off a brown color with a taste like vinegar or a carbonated drink. It is also common for the bottle itself to look stuffy when the juice is spoiled.

Storing fresh juices

Fresh juices don’t last for weeks as do the store-bought juices because they are so fresh that they don’t contain any added preservatives. This is why fresh juice is kept in airtight containers in a refrigerator and consumed within a day to avoid the juice from going bad. 

On the other hand, packed juices have a best-by date on the container which could show that the juice can last for months. This is because these juices are pasteurized to ensure longer shelf life.

Store in mason jars

Mason jars are a big hit these days for juices as they are a great way to present colorful juices. These jars do help keep the juice fresh for a whole day without any discoloration or weird smell.

What does spoiled juice look like?

If your juice has spoiled, it most probably will lose the fresh color it had and take a dark brown color. Even store-bought juices turn dark brown if stored improperly and used after their expiration date. This discoloration means that the juice has lost some of its nutrients because of the oxidation reaction. 

You will notice that juices that contain fruits only, tend to change color sooner than juices with sugars and preservatives in them. This is because of the natural sugars inside the fruits which start to ferment, hence causing the juice to spoil after a maximum of 72 hours. 

Apart from color, there are some more signs that you can check with your senses to know if the juice is spoiled. Although your senses are not the most reliable, they will be very helpful in this case.

A pungent smell

If you are even slightly unsure about the freshness of your juice, give it a slight whiff. If the smell is acidic to pungent then the juice has gone bad. This funky smell is due to the microorganisms that have now sabotaged your juice container.

Visible mold inside the container 

A spoiled juice container will be expanded because of the gases inside, which sometimes also leads to the formation of molds. You will be able to see these molds on the surface of your liquid juice or adhered to the container.

Learning why this happens

You might be wondering why this happens to fresh or packed juices even when you store them properly. Here are some reasons as to why your juice has gone bad too soon

Room temperature

If you have the habit of leaving your juices outside at room temperature for too long then this might be why the juice is going bad. The optimum temperature for juice is provided inside a refrigerator or freezer.

Old juice 

If you store your juice in a refrigerator at all times, then it is best to consume it in 3 days maximum. Keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer after that will not save the juice from going bad.

Safety rules for canned juice

Many fruit juices are sold in cans to ensure longevity and to attract customers. Before buying a canned fruit juice, make sure that the can itself does not have any pin holes or dents. 

Even the tiniest holes can allow bacteria to gain entry inside the can. For the dents or bulges on a can, this might mean that the juice is rotten and the gas has caused a dent in the can. Once the tin lid has been removed, the juice should be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated.

Check if your juice is unpasteurized

Some juice companies don’t pasteurize fruit juices such as pineapple juice and mention it on the container. This is to keep the customer healthy as unpasteurized juice could be dangerous if stored for too long. It might contain some harmful bacteria as well.

Spoiled juice can make you sick

Some people might not consider drinking spoiled juice as a big risk saying that it must still contain some vitamins and goodness of fruits. Wrong! Something as small as spoiled juice can still make you feel very sick. 

The tiny microorganisms in spoiled juices multiply rapidly and once ingested cause havoc in your stomach especially for those who already have stomach issues or low immunity. It is possible to get diarrhea, nausea and a bad stomach ache from ingesting spoiled juice. 

However, the situation can get even worse for some people after drinking rotten juice. They might experience difficulty in breathing followed by fever and dizziness. Now this will become a serious health concern for which that person will need immediate medical assistance.

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In this article, we answered the question, ‘’how to know if the juice is spoiled’’ This article also discussed in detail how to store juice properly and the harmful effects of drinking spoiled juice.


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