How to know if soy milk is spoiled

In this brief article, we will discuss some of the ways to find out if soy milk has gone bad. This article will also talk about properly storing soy milk to increase its shelf life. 

How to know if soy milk is spoiled

You can tell if soy milk is spoiled when it has a thick texture, rancid smell or the carton has dents because of the bacteria inside. These indicators are very easy to navigate and are not easily missed. This is because spoiled milk often has such a sour taste and prudent smell that one can’t help but throw it away. 

How long can soy milk stay in the fridge?

Refrigerated soy milk is in a refrigerator when it is bought and must be put in a fridge too. Once opened, it can last for up to 7 days without showing any signs of spoilage. Even though some companies might boast that their soy milk can last for 10 days, it is always better to check first. 

How to check

Look for expiry date

Soy milk is filled with calcium and proteins which are very beneficial for health. At the same time, it has a very small shelf-life inside the fridge of around 10 days which is mentioned at the top of the box. Look at the manufactured and the best-by date before buying your carton. 

Smell soy milk before you use it

It is important to let your senses be your guides. Before using this milk in your coffee or cereal, give it a strong whiff to determine its freshness and if you smell even a slight sour smell then waste the carton immediately. 

Notice the size of carton

Spoiled soy milk releases gasses because of the bacterial growth, these gases along with the thick texture of the milk, cause the carton to bloat which can be easily noticed. 


Fresh milk is always a rich white colour, anything other than that means that the milk is spoiled. It is the same case with soy milk, which gives off a rancid smell and thick texture also starts to turn into a dark creamish or brown color. 

Proper storage

Storing soy milk is not very different as compared to other milks, it requires a dry and cool place which protects it from any harmful bacteria. Depending on your type of soy milk, storage will affect its freshness and taste. 

Shelf-stable soy milks can do well in pantries where the temperature is cool and dry. They will stay fresh for a long time in the fridge as well but a dry pantry is a great option.If you are buying soy milk from the refrigerator then it needs to be stored there as well.

It is advised to store soy milk in the middle compartment of a refrigerator instead of the door to minimize temperature fluctuations. Once the crayon is open, room temperature should be avoided at all costs as it will lower its shelf life. 

Frozen soy milk

Yes! You absolutely can freeze soy milk but there will be some downfalls of freezing. It will be time consuming as you will have to wait for the milk to completely change into liquid. While doing that, soy milk will change its texture and taste that might affect your cooking.

It is, therefore, better to thaw and use frozen soy milk in cooked dishes which eliminates the chances of soy milk changing its taste. Texture also won’t be that noticeable once it is thawed.

You can freeze soy milk in an ice cube tray but make sure to put the cubes in an airtight container.

Freezing soy milk means that you can store it for a month or so, but don’t prolong it to months as it will lose its freshness and rich taste. 

Don’t consume milk straight from the carton

It is better to pour the milk in a glass instead of drinking it straight from the carton. If you drink it from the carton, it is possible that some of the bacteria from your mouth will travel into the milk and spoil the rest of it. 

Also, pouring it in a glass means that you will get to look at the texture of the milk and be able to recognize clump formation or an abnormally thick texture.

In short, finish your soy milk carton before a week so you always consume fresh milk and will buy fresh as well. Homemade soy milk, although, can be stored for longer and is also nutrient rich.

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In this brief article, we discussed some of the ways to find out if soy milk has gone bad. This article also talked about properly storing soy milk to increase its shelf life.