How to know if mushrooms are spoilt (5 methods)

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how to know if mushrooms are spoiled”, discuss the different methods of identifying spoiled mushrooms and the potential health effects of eating spoiled mushrooms.

How to know if mushrooms are spoiled?

Spoiled mushrooms get slimy and tend to have wrinkles. In addition, spoiled mushrooms become darker, and they emit a foul smell also. It is observed that the average shelf life of mushrooms is up to 2 weeks.

Mushrooms are edible food in many countries. Many people eat mushrooms, but many people still feel hesitant to eat mushrooms because some mushrooms may be poisonous. People who eat them enjoy the smooth texture and flavors of mushrooms. Mushrooms have very few calories and are very healthy to consume.

There are five different ways to tell if the mushrooms are spoiled or not.


Spoiled mushrooms are slimy. Sliminess is a sign that the mushroom has been kept for too long and now has become inedible for human beings. If you keep the mushrooms in your refrigerator for too long, then it gets slimy. It is a good practice to throw such mushrooms away. If such mushrooms are consumed, then you can get serious infections and illnesses.


Spoiled mushrooms tend to get wrinkles on their surface. In addition, some mushrooms tend to dry out and form wrinkles over them. It sometimes can be consumed, but it is a good practice to throw such mushrooms out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


If you observe any dark spots on your mushrooms, then you should throw away such mushrooms because they can cause severe illnesses in your body. Likewise, if you see the color of your mushrooms going dark, it gives you a solid sign to throw away such mushrooms.

Expiry date:

It is best to see the expiry date on the package if you are purchasing packaged mushrooms. It is generally inferred that mushrooms have a shelf life of about two weeks. But if you see your mushrooms and are satisfied with their color, smell, and texture, it is still safe to eat. But it is better that you consume mushrooms within the expiry date.


One common way of identifying whether the mushrooms have gone bad or not is by smelling them. If you sense something awful, then it is probably because your mushrooms have been spoiled. A foul smell is a vital sign that your mushrooms have been spoiled and will cause illnesses when consumed.

Health effects after eating spoiled mushrooms:

If you eat spoiled mushrooms, then you might usually get foodborne illnesses. First, it would help if you looked after the toxic mushrooms. Toxic mushrooms will seriously cause damage to our health. But if you eat a regular spoiled mushroom, then you might get an upset stomach. Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and many other symptoms are likely to cause. If the symptoms get worse, then it is highly recommended to see a doctor immediately. Second, after getting sick, you might look after your diet. Eat fibrous foods such as bread, rice, bananas, etc. 


So in this blog, we discussed five simple methods to identify spoiled mushrooms. The first method was sliminess. If you feel a little slimy surface or feel something gooey on the surface of mushrooms, you can tell that such mushrooms are spoiled. 

Secondly, you can tell by wrinkles. If you feel wrinkles, that is probably because they have been kept for a long time and have developed wrinkles on them. Wrinkles form because they get dried out. 

Thirdly, you can tell if the mushrooms are spoiled or not by checking the color. If you notice any dark spots, then this is a powerful sign that the mushrooms are spoiled and should be thrown away. If the mushrooms smell awful, then you should deduce that the mushrooms have gone bad.

Usually, it is inferred that the shelf life of mushrooms is about two weeks in refrigerators. Longer than that might be risky. However, if you are satisfied with the texture, color, and taste, then you can go ahead and enjoy those mushrooms.

If you consume spoiled mushrooms, then you might get foodborne illnesses. Typical symptoms will arise like vomiting, nausea, temperature, abdominal pain, stomach cramps, etc. If the symptoms become severe, then it is advised to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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