How to know if blueberries are spoiled? (5 methods)

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how to know if blueberries are spoiled”, discuss the different methods of spoiled blueberries and tips to keep blueberries safe from spoilage.

How to know if blueberries are spoiled?

Spoiled blueberries usually have juice leaking, mold growth, extra soft texture, foul odour, bitter taste, etc. Spoiled blueberries also turn into a greyish color.

Blueberries are highly nutritious and are a rich source of iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K. All of these are significant constituents of bone. Intake of these minerals and vitamins helps build and maintain bone structure and gives strength to the bone. Blueberries contain anthocyanin, which provides a blue color to berries and health benefits.

Blueberries help lower blood pressure by maintaining a low sodium level in blood as blueberries are free of sodium. 

Signs to know if blueberries are spoiled or not

We need to practice proper food safety and hygienic techniques, which will prevent us from many foodborne diseases.

Signs of spoiled blueberries are mushy; they have a soft texture, discoloration. Sometimes mold starts to appear from the steam. We must throw the blueberries if they are moldy. Moldiness is a good sign to find out about spoiled blueberries. 

Leaking juices from spoiled blueberries:

Spoiled blueberries usually have juice leaking from them. We need to check its texture. Fresh blueberries are firm and tight, but spoiled blueberries have a soft texture, and liquid is leaking out of them. 

Mold growth in spoiled blueberries:

A mold can be grown in any blueberry due to a fungal attack. Fungal spores can invade, and mold starts to grow in these blueberries. The infected blueberry shows a white and cloudy moldy appearance. So we need to immediately separate the moldy blueberry from the other one to protect it from mold.

White Mold named Trichoderma usually affects blueberries. This is not that much danger to humans, but it can cause allergic reactions to humans.

Texture and softness of spoiled blueberries:

Spoiled blueberries are usually mushy and extra soft. It appears dehydrated, and its texture is wrinkly. Fresh blueberries are firm to touch, but spoiled blueberries are soft to touch. If we hold spoiled blueberries, it feels slightly jiggly. It means that they are no more edible; now, they must be discarded.

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Bad smell in spoiled blueberries:

Sometimes blueberries have a fine texture and do not give any hint of its spoilage from appearance. We need to smell it. Fresh blueberries have a citrus and fruity smell, but spoiled blueberries start giving off a foul odor. This bad smell indicates that the blueberries are getting spoiled and no longer edible now. 

Taste of blueberries:

Fresh blueberries have tasted sweeter than grapes. The taste of blueberry depends on the quality of blueberry. Some blueberries are sweet, and some have a tart flavor. If the blueberry is spoiled, it will give a bitter and unpleasant taste. So this is helpful to find out if the blueberries are spoiled or not. 

Change in color of blueberries:

Sometimes blueberries change their color when they spoil. After a bacterial attack, blueberries turn grey. It is a significant disease of blueberries. It can cause serious health issues if you eat blueberries infected with this bacterial disease. Blueberries also change their color when pigmentation occurs, which is due to anthocyanins. It is sensitive to change in PH.

Tips to keep blueberries safe from spoilage:

To prevent blueberries from spoilage, we need to store them properly. We need to refrigerate blueberries to use them for a long time. The refrigerator helps in increasing the shelf life of blueberries.

We should keep the blueberries in low humidity places but still in a cool place. If we want to keep it for more than two weeks and protect blueberries from spoilage, we should put it in the freezer because the low temperature of the freezer saves the fruit from spoilage. 

The refrigerator can keep the blueberries safe for about ten days, and you need to finish the blueberries within this duration after that blueberry gets spoiled. 



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