How to Know If Asparagus is Bad? (3 Ways to tell)

In this brief article, we will discuss the question How to Know if asparagus is Bad and How to protect it.

How to Know If Asparagus is Bad?

Every vegetable when it goes bad its appearance changes, its smell off and starts shedding color. If all these signs appear it’s time to expel them out from your vegetable basket. If it is completely spoiled then remove the soggy part, if waterlogged at every end so it’s better to throw it.

Become Mushy or humid:

When its texture strat clump, corrugation occurs, and tip color starts darkening it’s time to let it go. More chances that it spoils others’ vegetables.

Smells off:

Relation of odor in testing the quality of vegetables is not accurate but if asparagus becomes odorless asparagus lasts.

Black Patches:

If its spears look black and with an unattractive look seems that it has gone. Examine with a close eye because shopkeepers spread water on veggies to present them eye caughting.

How to store it for better use:

The use of a fridge promotes its life. First, wash it to remove dirt, harmful bacteria, and pests with cold water. Then make slices of asparagus and start boiling them. Boil Small slice for 1 and a half minutes, medium (2 minutes), and large (3 minutes).

Wait a while to cool down the slices and also remove water from the slice with a clean smooth cloth or tissue. Pack it in a container or plastic bag and no interference of air and oxygen.

Then freeze it. By the following guidelines, you can save your veggies and wealth. If you want to cook asparagus suddenly after buying it’s of no use to freeze it but to maintain quality for a long span of time, you must freeze it.

2-Placing it in Cup:

An interesting way to store asparagus is to put some of its sears  in a cup or any opened mouth container, fill some water in it, and put the plastic sheet on spears. Don’t cover the spear completely. It will give you the best result if you want to store it for not more than 1 week.

Vegetables are sensitive to humidity so half-covering of the plastic sheet makes its environment less humid and ventilation occurs to support life.

3-Never Remove Rubber Band:

As in the market, asparagus is available in bundle form and tightly bonded with each other. So, not remove rubber to keep its life better.

In the refrigerator, it can last within 3 to 4 days under normal circumstances. Cooked asparagus lasts within 3 to 4 days.

Selection of asparagus:

-Select fresh green asparagus which is thick

-Do not buy wrinkle and limp asparagus

-If the bud of the spear is hard indicates fresh veggies -Slime and bacteria are also present in vegetables Nutritional aspects:

Full of vitamins and minerals full of vitamin A, C, K, E, Protein, Potassium, Iron, Zinc. Packed with antioxidants for protection from spoilage.

One risk factor always cooks veggies less and eats them the slightly uncooked reason behind it is that many vitamins and minerals are heat sensitive so the main purpose fails. Educate other people about this fact.

Lower the cholesterol level, help, and support digestion also contain amino acids which flesh out harmful fluids and excess salt. Contain substance to fight with cancer-causing agents Cure liver after alcohol metabolism and also helps to control blood pressure.

Fresh asparagus available in the market can survive for 3 to 5 days at room temperature on the shelf. If they get them in bulk so approach proper methods to improve their shelf life.

Health issues due to asparagus:

After consuming asparagus many people complained about the smell in their urine. Group of other people eat the same asparagus and not complain of the smell in urine. So what is unusual in the first group of people. Asparagus contains sulfur in it. The first group of people unable to excrete it out the contrary second group of people excretes in the urine.

After a long discussion, the result announced that there are two different traits: one excretes the sulfur compound after eating asparagus, and another forms smell. So, we can determine one trait is excreting and has excreting dominant alleles and vice versa.

In this case, more study is required and it looks inevitable to ask people whether their urine smells after eating asparagus.


Always take precautionary measures to store it because the fungal attack is commonly called Asparagus Rust (Puccinia asparagi) its symptoms are orange, yellow, and black color appears on a spear. Causes by high humidity in the atmosphere.

Take care of your field and not provide over water and less water. Always prevent them from pests which also spoils the Asparagus.

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In this brief article, we will discuss the question How to Know if asparagus is Bad and How to protect it.