How to know if almond milk is spoiled

This brief article will share some ways to know if almond milk is spoiled or not. It will also talk about how almond milk is manufactured followed by the proper way to store almond milk. 

How to know if almond milk is spoiled?

You will know if almond milk is spoiled when the texture is super thick with lumps, rancid smell and a dark color as compared to the light creamy color of fresh almond milk. Spoiled milk will also taste sour and creamy. 

Signs confirming that almond milk is expired

  • A very early sign of spoiled almond milk is a sour and almost pungent taste which indicates that the molecules are breaking apart leading to a repulsive taste.
  • Spoiled almond milk gets thicker overtime, you might even notice some clump formation as time passes.
  • Soon, spoiled almond milk will start to give off a very caustic smell and you might even notice the carton having some dents due to the thickness.
  • Discoloration is a big sign of spoiled milk. This happens due to growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Shelf life of refrigerated almond milk

Refrigerated almond milk is meant to be consumed within a week after it is opened. You will also find some shelf-stable almond milks which can be used for around 10 days without the risk of going bad. 

There are many companies making almond milk now, and to give a clear idea of using it, these companies mostly have dates mentioned on the carton. These expiry dates and best-by dates could be very different from each other depending on the method of production. 

Almond milk is famous for its health benefits, it is rich in Vitamin E which protects the heart from any damage. It is also a great choice for people who want to strengthen their bones due to the high amount of calcium present in it. 

Shelf life of unopened almond milk

Unopened almond milk at room temperature can last for upto 3 weeks without going bad. It is important, however, to know that these almond milk cartons are shelf-stable which means that they went through an extensive sterilization process. 

In this process, the milk is heated to such an extent that all of the microorganisms and bacteria are destroyed. The packaging in such milk is also sterilized and consists of multiple layers which makes her shelf life even longer lasting up to 3 weeks. 

As compared to this, normal sterilized almond milk can go fresh for a week only if unopened. This is because the sterilization process is not as strong as the shelf-stable one. 

Shelf life of homemade almond milk 

Store homemade almond milk in a dry place and use it within 3 to 4 days. It is a laborious task and might often be very tricky but homemade almond milk’s freshness depends on the quality of almonds that you use. Once made, store it in an airtight container that will not allow any bacteria to travel through air. 

What to do when almond milk starts curdling 

Curdling is a normal process that occurs in almond milk and it doesn’t always mean that your milk is expired. Shake your bottle well before you open it because shelf-stable almond milk contains a chemical called Lecithin that prevents the curdling of milk. 

What happens if someone drinks spoiled almond milk

Spoiled almond milk can, in the worst case scenario, cause severe allergies or food poisoning. Unrefrigerated almond milk has bacterial spores growing on them which causes stomach aches as well. 

How to properly store almond milk

To make sure that almond milk stays fresh for a long period of time, keep the cartons at the back of your fridge where they will get very cold and will be in a dry environment. You might even notice that your milk components have separated, just shake the bottle before you use it.

If there is clump formation even after shaking, then you should worry and bin the carton as it can’t be used anymore. If you put your almond milk in the door of the refrigerator, it might not stay fresh for a long time as temperature tends to fluctuate there. 

It is pretty much clear to you now that it is not very difficult to know when almond milk has gone bad, once you have tasted and smelled fresh ones. The thick creamy texture with lumps does not mean that it is rich with nutrients but it is a sign to get rid of the box. 


Always read the label of your almond milk carton to know about the preservatives added. Some packed almond milk cartons don’t have any preservatives which means that you ought to consume it within 7 days and keep it inside a refrigerator.


This brief article shared some ways to know if almond milk is spoiled or not. It also talked about how almond milk is manufactured followed by proper ways to store almond milk. 


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