How to grate carrots in a blender? (5 ways to use)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “How to grate carrots in a blender?”, discuss the other ways to grate carrots and the ways to use grated carrots.

How to grate carrots in a blender?

It is very easy to grate carrots in a blender. For this, you just need to peel the carrots with a peeler, cut them into smaller pieces on a cutting board, and add them into the blender. Cover the blender with its lid and turn it on. Grate the carrots until they reach the required size. Once grated, you can take them out in a bowl and use them for the required purpose.

5 Easy steps to grate carrots in a blender

  1. First of all, wash the carrots thoroughly to remove any soil particles (if present) from them.
  2. With the help of a peeler, peel their outer skin one by one. 
  3. Place the peeled carrots on the cutting board, and cut each carrot into smaller pieces using a knife (Cutting the carrots help you blend them easily in a blender without causing any harm to the blades of a blender).
  4. Add the carrots to the blender and turn it on at the highest number.
  5. Once the carrots are grated, turn off the blender and scoop out the carrots in a bowl.

What is an easy way to grate carrots? 

  • Wash the carrots and set up a cutting board. 
  • Using the box grater, grate the carrots in a downward motion and scrape the pointed end first.
  • Grate the carrot along the large holes of the box grater and make sure you keep your hands and fingers out of the way.

Other ways to grate carrots

If you are not having a blender to grate carrots, then don’t worry. Some other ways can help you grate carrots without a blender. This includes grating carrots by using a food processor or by using a cheese grater.

Use a food processor

A food processor can serve as a substitute for a blender if you want to grate carrots or any other vegetable. To grate carrots using a food processor, you need to wash the carrots first. Peel the carrots and cut them in the appropriate size. Clean the machinery of the food processor with a wet towel and wash its box, blade, lid, and tube. Adjust the box on the machine, insert blades, and keep the lid and tube in place. Turn the food processor on and drop a portion of carrots in it to be grated. Do this until no carrot lefts on the plate. After this, turn off the food processor. Take off the lid and the blades. Scoop out the grated carrots in a bowl.

Use a cheese grater

The cheese grater is a handy method that is also a substitute for the blender. To grate carrots on a cheese grater, wash the carrots and grater thoroughly. Hold the carrot in your dominant hand and the grater in the other hand. Rub the carrots one by one against the holes of the grater with a medium force. Continue rubbing each until you finish them all. Take out the grated carrots in a bowl.

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6 ways to use grated carrots

Carrots are a rich source of several nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and fiber. They are not only used as a vegetable but they can also be used in many other ways. You can use them as a whole in salads or you can use them for several dishes as grated carrots. The most fantastic uses of grated carrots are:

  • Grated carrots can be used to add color and crunch to the simplest of wraps.
  • If you are having grains or noodles as the base, grated carrots can serve as a protein-based topping to these bowls.
  • You can prepare a simple salad using grated carrots. All you need to do is just combine grated carrots with some raisins, add splashes of lemon juice, and agave or maple syrup.
  • Any stir-fried noodle dish can benefit from grated carrots tossed in. You can add either lightly cooked, stir-fried, or combined raw with cooked noodles.
  • To embellish store-bought or homemade veggie burgers, you can use either grated carrots alone or combined with grated cabbage or precut slaw.
  • Grated carrots can be tossed into soups. Also, they are time savers to be used in borscht, in which lots of grated veggies are to be used. Grated carrots go especially well with Asian-style soups.

What are grated carrots good for?

Grated carrots with squeezed lemon and olive oil serve as an antioxidant-based salad. They are known to improve the digestive health of persons suffering from gastritis or digestive ulcers. Being a rich source of fiber, they serve as an authentic natural brush for the intestines. Therefore, they are very suitable to deal with conditions like constipation and diarrhea. The beta-carotene in carrots, when converted to vitamin A, serves as the best remedy for the health of the eyes and good vision.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “How to grate carrots in a blender?”, discussed the other ways to grate carrots and the ways to use grated carrots.


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