How to get the garlic smell off your hands?

In this article, we will answer the question “How to get the garlic smell off your hands?”

We all love garlic, don’t we? Meals are incomplete without the pinch of garlic. Also, we cannot deny the fact that garlic plays an active role in indigestion. But, even after loving it so many people hesitate to use it. Why? The reason is the smell. While the smell that gets stuck in the hands can linger in the fingers for days. Now, we should not be worried about that too! Don’t skip any point and be in the article till the end!

Ways to remove garlic smell from hands:

  • Use cold water

After chopping, avoid washing your hands with warm water and rather use cold water and soap. Warm water opens up the pores in the skin making an entry inside the cells which makes the odor persistent for longer.

  • Use stainless steel

When you rub your fingers against some stainless spoon or plate along with some cold water in it. It is evident that the smell goes off. But, in case you want the smell to go off immediately let’s have a look at some quick response methods.

  • Rub your hands with Lemon

Well, this method can be said as a tried and tested one because I have found it to be effective. As soon as you are done with your chopping, rub your hands with some pieces of lemon. It has been found as much more effective than the stainless steel technique.

Instead of the garlic smelly fingers, you may find citrus-smelly ones. But one demerit is that you should avoid using lemons if there is any kind of cut or injury in your hands. That might in turn lead to some painful experiences.

Another method similar to lemon is rubbing your hands with some ground coffee. If you do not have ground coffee instantly and instead have coffee beans. Few pieces can be used to do so. Though the smell does not go off permanently yet it can be avoided for a period

of time.

  • Baking soda combined with salt

Another very effective method is combining baking soda with salt. Mixing equal amounts of baking soda and salt with water and forming a paste might help in getting rid of the garlic smell instantly. But, people with sensitive or itchy skin should avoid salt. Only baking soda is definitely going to work.

  • Use oil before chopping

For many people rubbing hands with oil before chopping has worked incredibly. Yes, too much oil can make the hands slippery which might lead to an unpredictable accident or an unwanted cut. Therefore, 2-3 drops are enough.

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In this article, we answered the question “How to get the garlic smell off your hands?”

Finally, I would like to say that, what is the point of hating the smell of the item that we love to

consume. By following the above-mentioned steps the garlic smell can be avoided to an extent

but the safest way to avoid it from getting into the hands is by wearing gloves and doing the

chopping part. That would be the best and safest way!


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