How to get rid of wild strawberries?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “How to get rid of wild strawberries”, we will provide you a brief illustration of how to get rid of the wild strawberries using various methods.

How to get rid of wild strawberries

The best way to get rid of wild strawberries is by the use of herbicides.

The best on wild strawberries are ones that contain three unique herbicides, for example, Trimec, which contains 2,4-D, MCPP, and dicamba.

 These additionally work best when the strawberries are effectively developing. Two great occasions: mid-spring and late-summer

 Corn gluten meal, Vinegar-based herbicides, and the use of flames are also some of the ways to get rid of the wild strawberries. But these methods will burn the grass and there is a good chance the strawberries will regrow.

How to Control Wild Strawberry with Organic Method 

How would you dispose of wild strawberries filling in a yard without the utilization of conceivably hurtful synthetics? For those inspired by natural strategies for wild strawberry weed control, you might need to follow the accompanying methodologies 

  • Corn gluten meal
  • Vinegar
  • Flame weeders

Corn gluten meal

Cornmeal is an organic herbicide that prevents the growth of new sprouts of wild strawberries. 

It is a natural alternative to remove wild plants and it is also known as a pre-emergent herbicide.

Researchers at Iowa State University discovered by accident that cornmeal gluten acts as an herbicide while they were doing disease research. They saw that corn gluten meal kept grass and other seeds, such as crabgrass, dandelions, and chickweed, from sprouting.

It is important to note that cornmeal gluten is only effective against seeds, not plants that are mature, and is most effective with corn gluten having at least 60% proteins in it. For annual weeds that are growing, plain cornmeal products will not kill it


The choice of vinegar weed control is frequently transitory in that the vinegar typically just executes the top growth of wild strawberries, so there’s a decent possibility the strawberries will regrow. Likewise, it might destroy the neighboring grass, so applying it in the yard might be interesting. 

Vinegar-based herbicides and even home-made vinegar/salt blends can in any event burn the top layer of wild strawberries, however, they’ll burn the grass. 

It does not have any effect on the roots of the weed and damages any that it may come in contact with.

Flame Weeders

Flame weeders are propane burns that consume weeds. Be that as it may, this strategy will likewise take out the grass alongside the wild strawberry weeds. 

On the off chance that you go with this methodology, reseeding the exposed patches of the yard will be vital.

Using Chemical Herbicide Glyphosate

If you don’t want to uproot the wild strawberries then you can also use chemical herbicides to prevent their growth. 

You will have to depend on either glyphosate or white vinegar. For glyphosate, you will need to discover a spray bottle that allows you to coat a wide area of the plant with the liquid. 

When using glyphosate, you will need to liberally cover the outside of the weeds with the fluid.

How to Grow in a Lawn to Prevent Wild Strawberries

So how would you dispose of wild strawberries?

Wild strawberries flourish in wet soils. Thusly, improving any seepage issues and circulating air through the yard when vital will help diminish their appeal to your grass. 

Watering infrequently will likewise assist with easing back its infringement. When this plant has taken hold in the grass, it is generally hard to dispose of. 

Wild strawberries grow in winter and will cheerfully restore the accompanying season. Notwithstanding spreading through sprinters, new plants can likewise begin from seed, which might be dropped by birds or other animals that have eaten the strawberry. 

How to Get Rid of the Strawberries Physically

At the point when you are disposing of the strawberries by removing them, you will need to ensure that you bring along a hand towel. This will help you discover the underlying roots of the plant with the goal that you can remove as a significant part of the strawberry plant as possible in one go. It is typically essential to dispose of the roots as much as possible so that there is no way of the strawberries becoming back. 

Discussing the roots is a smart thought to know the root system of the plants. This will help you understand what you are searching for, and how to deal with the roots when you go over them. 

By and large, the root frameworks of a completely grown wild strawberry plant can be a few feet in length. Along these lines, removing the strawberries will be a long and challenging cycle, yet it will be well justified, despite any trouble to have a grass liberated from obtrusive species.


  • The wild strawberries can be removed using organic herbicides like Trimec, which contains 2,4-D, MCPP, and dicamba.
  • The chemical herbicides can also be used like glyphosate.

In this brief guide, we answered the question “How to get rid of wild strawberries”, we discussed strategies on how to eradicate wild strawberries from the lawn.



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