How to get rid of roaches in the dishwasher?

In this article, we will answer the question “How to get rid of roaches in the dishwasher?”, and what traps and baits can you use to get rid of roaches?

How to get rid of roaches in the dishwasher?


Deep clean your dishwasher when you notice even a single cockroach crawling in there. By deep cleaning, we mean remove the racks and utensils and wash every nook and corner. 

Pay special attention to the drain which is the ideal location for roach infestation. Run the dishwasher empty to clear the drains.

Use vinegar 

Run the dishwasher at the highest temperature after placing a cup of vinegar on the top rack. Run the dishwasher to sanitize it thoroughly and kill the roaches with the pungent steam. 

Close all entry points 

Seal all the entry points to the dishwasher. The door should be tightly closed.

Use boric acid

Lay streaks of boric acid all around your kitchen or around and beneath your dishwasher. This will deter the roaches and kill them. Boric acid is toxic so make sure children and pets stay away from it.

Use natural repellants 

If you do not want to use boric acid, there are some non-toxic natural repellants available. Some of them are given below.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil

What If roaches are still present in your kitchen?

If the problem is not solved despite taking all the precautionary measures, you should contact the roach exterminators. If the problem persists, your house likely has a roach infestation that needs to be taken care of professionally. You need to get rid of these roaches permanently.

What traps and baits can you use to get rid of the roaches?

You need to get rid of the adult roaches first. These roaches continuously breeding other cockroaches. For this, you can use traps and baits that are a very effective roach removal strategy. 

Traps consist of sticky glue pasted on a tin cardboard piece. You can place one sticky take beneath your dishwasher or anywhere else around the dishwasher where It is easy to slip. Baits are food-based. 

The food is coated with insecticides that mess with the nervous system of the roaches. Baits are more effective than sticky tapes. It is because roaches share food. Plus roaches eat vomits and feces of other roaches including the dead roaches. 

All of this helps transfer the toxicity. You can lay the bait food around your kitchen or dishwasher and under the sink, etc. make sure to place fresh bait food after every 3 days because roaches aren’t attracted to stale bait food.

How do roaches get in the dishwasher?

The tight, dark, and warm places with lots of food particles are the perfect place for roaches to breed. They are attracted to food and enter right through the door If It is open or loose, or through the crevices around and in your dishwasher. 

Besides, the space beneath the dishwasher offers the perfect shelter for the roaches to survive and thrive. Why? Because it has moisture and it is warm and dark.

Inspection of the Dishwasher Seals and leaks is important 

A damaged or broken dishwasher will attract more roaches than a dishwasher that is in frequent use and cleaned regularly. 

Remove the panel below the door of the dishwasher and check the space beneath the dishwasher for leaks or roaches. 

The seal of the door is very important. It usually loses its effectiveness over time. Therefore, you must check If the seal of the dishwasher door is intact and secure. The second important seal is that of the drain lines where the roaches may infest. 

What is insecticidal dust?

Before using insecticidal dust, you need to vacuum or bleach wash the area under and sound your dishwasher. 

Insecticidal dust damages the exoskeleton of the insects like roaches which makes them dry and eventually kills them. Insecticidal dust like Diatomaceous Earth to dust products that contain synthetic insecticides can be used to get rid of roaches. 

Use a billow duster to spread the dust under and behind the appliance to keep the roaches away for months and even years.

Should I Spray Raid or Bug Bomb my Dishwasher?

Raid or bug bombs are toxic and they should not be used directly on the surfaces that frequently come into contact with food. 

These insecticides may leave toxic residues over your plates and dishes which will eventually find their way into your body. 



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