How to get coconut water out of a coconut? (1 Generic Method)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “How to get coconut water out of a coconut?”. We will discuss some ways to get coconut water out of a coconut. We also look at some general aspects of coconut water.

How to get coconut water out of a coconut?

Opening a coconut is not a humongous task if you know how to do it right. All you need is a hole to get your coconut water out of the coconut. Any tool such as a knife, hammer, or machete will cut holes in coconut so that you can drain your beverage.

The innermost part is the liquid. Through all the layers toward the inside, we have coconut water, which is delicious and healthy.

What are some general aspects of coconut water that you must know?

Coconut has three layers to it. The visible exterior has a brown and rough husk. Inside the husk, we have the shell, followed by coconut meat.

Coconut is rich in protein, copper, and iron. Coconut water is highly nutritious as well, with vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium, to name a few. 

Coconut water is the best beverage to maintain healthy electrolytes in the body. It prevents dehydration and mineral depletion in the body. The refreshing drink from coconut is made for you if you live in a hot climate or; enjoy it after exercising.

It also protects against diabetes, kidney stones, blood pressure, and heart health.

Coconut water is enjoyed straight from the shell or; made into a recipe of your choice.

There are sorbets, smoothies, and sherbets that include coconut water as the key ingredient. Coconut water is also added to curries, salads, and seafood.

Is there a difference among coconuts in different stages of maturity?

The younger your coconut is, the easier it will be to puncture it. As a coconut matures, the shell toughens and makes it harder for you to crack it open.

If you get your coconut from the store, the mature ones are usually dehusked and unrefrigerated. Young coconuts, on the other hand, are refrigerated to preserve them. The husk also needs to be left on to protect it.

Young coconuts have a higher water content than the older, mature ones. If you are looking forward to enjoying the coconut water rather than the meat, try to get your hands on the greener coconuts.

Young coconuts also have a part of jelly-like meat and then a hard shell.

Fresh coconuts have bright green skin and are heavy. Not surprisingly, they too hold a large amount of coconut water than the stored ones.

 An elaboration on how to get coconut water out of the coconut:

Try using a paring knife with a thick blade; stainless steel or pocket knife will not work as well. You can use a long nail or a screwdriver to make a hole into your coconut instead.

How to get coconut water out of the coconut using a hammer and corkscrew?

  • Look for the three holes on your coconut. Let the part with holes on the coconut sit facing upward.
  • Insert the corkscrew into one of the holes. It will make a sound as you pierce the corkscrew in, all the way to the meat.
  • Remove the corkscrew from the hole and put it in the other one. You need to puncture two holes for this to work.
  • You are ready to let the coconut water out. Just turn it upside down into a vessel and collect.

You should try to carve a hole before you drain. You don’t want your precious liquid dripping and going to waste. Even worse, if there is no proper stream for the water to drain out, it comes in contact with the coconut skin and makes it impure and mucky. 

After you have drained your coconut water, proceed to cut the coconut open. Hammer along with one of the lines until it cracks. Hit it until the coconut splits into two.

You need access to the most delicious part of the coconut; the meat. The white flesh that is sometimes jelly-like; is also packed with nutrients. 

To extract coconut water from fresh coconut, you need to remove the flower-like part of the coconut. Poke a hole at the top and then the bottom. Place the screwdriver and insert it in with help from a hammer. Let the coconut water out from the lower hole.

Proceed to chop up your coconut until the hard exterior shell is also ready to be eaten. Coconut is a fascinating fruit where you have 2 different kinds of goodness packed in one sphere. Both of which, the solid and the liquid, have a unique exquisite taste. 

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In this brief guide, we answered the question, “How to get coconut water out of a coconut?”. We discussed some ways to get coconut water out of a coconut. We also looked at some general aspects of coconut water.


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