How to freeze sliced bread? (+5 tips)

In this brief guide we will address the question, “How to freeze sliced bread?” as well as other questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how to separate frozen bread slices and the tips to store bread in the freezer. 

How to freeze sliced bread? 

Proper storage method is the key! Storing the bread as a whole is an option that you should only use when you know you are going to consume all of it. In any other case, it is better to slice the bread and make small portions to avoid the extra work of thawing the whole loaf of bread. 

Sliced bread is frozen in the same way that you freeze a whole loaf of bread, only better! 

To prevent the slices from sticking together, you can use parchment or freezer paper in between the slices with the edges of paper sticking out of the slices. In this way, there will be a proper medium for you to separate the bread slices. 

I believe the best method is to use aluminium sheets for covering up the whole load, and using plastic sheets between the slices. The plastic sheet will prevent the bread slices from sticking together completely. Using a sheet bigger than the slices is the best way. Just pull the sheet and your bread slice will come along with it. Toss it in the toaster or the oven. 

You also don’t need to necessarily thaw out the frozen bread. With bread slices, you have the option of directly putting them in the toaster if you want to make bread toasts.

What is the best way to thaw out frozen bread?

Improper thawing is perhaps the most common mistake that people make when it comes to food products. Thawing is just as important as freezing it, because improper thawing may result in either contamination or the loss of original texture. 

Freezing and thawing is pretty much the same for all types of bread except with french bread, because it requires delicacy owing to its wholesomeness and the crispiness.

When thawing frozen bread, one must keep in mind that the sealing of bread must not be removed, otherwise it will promote the growth of unwanted moulds on your bread.

Thawing on the kitchen shelf is also not a good option, because it will decrease the shelf life of the product. You should just keep it in the refrigerator with its sealing intact to promote optimum results. Once the bread is thawed out properly, the oven is your best friend!

How to separate frozen bread slices? 

There are many ways you can separate frozen bread slices. The best one is to just gently tap it until the pieces come apart. Other methods like thawing and heating them in the oven are also advised, but it all depends on the way you stored it. 

This problem usually occurs when you do not freeze your bread with enough precautions. For example, cutting the bread slices and then freezing it as a whole is not the best practice because you will eventually have to take out the whole to get a slice or two.

There are actually a lot of different opinions on how to thaw bread. Since food preferences vary from one individual to another, therefore there is no right or wrong way in my opinion as long it is keeping the nutrient content unaffected. When it comes to bread, there is rarely any specific nutrient, only flavour and softness.

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Tips for storing bread in the freezer

Proper cooling.

When going for freezing bread, you need to make sure that the bread is not very hot to go into the freezer. This will just make your bread soggy when you freeze it and you won’t get the desired results. You don’t have to refrigerate it to cool it down, just wait till the freshly baked bread reaches room temperature and then you can store it.

Use double freezing bags

The first step while freezing is to make sure that you use food-grade freezing bags. Freezing bags can be sealed airtight and they do not stick to the surface of your food, making them an ideal storage method for thawing and handling frozen products.

Doubling the freezing bags will ensure air-tight conditions and prevent the bags from puncturing if exposed to sharp edges in the freezer. 

Remove excess air from the bags

If air is allowed to enter bread, there are possible chances of mold growth which we definitely don’t want. Therefore, removing excess air from the plastic bags is the way to go!  

Make small portions

Portion sizes are the key element to freezing. If you have purchased too much fresh french bread and don’t want to waste it, you can just make small portions of it before you freeze it. This will not only allow the bread to thaw quicker, but will also save the other portions from getting exposed. 

Taking out the bread from the freezer and cutting it again and again will only take up more of your time and affect the unused portion of the bread that you’re putting back in the freezer.

Refrigerate whole when needed

If you’re a bread lover and like to serve it whole, only then you should refrigerate without making small portions. This method is ideal for when you need to serve it to your guests because small pieces will just ruin the flavor and wholeness of the bread being served.


In this brief guide we have addressed the question, “How to freeze sliced bread?” as well as other questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how to separate frozen bread slices and the tips to store bread in the freezer.