How to flavor coffee without sugar?

In this text we will answer the question: “How to flavor coffee without sugar?”. In addition we will discuss the ingredients that you can use to flavor your coffee other than sugar. Furthermore, we will give you tips about how to stop drinking coffee with sugar.

How to flavor coffee without sugar?

To flavor your coffee without sugar try using cinnamon powder and cocoa powder in ready coffee, or a small piece of ginger in the coffee filter, along with the powder, when straining the drink. Also try pairing it with other foods, such as orange cake, for example.

Sugar is addictive, so cutting it out all at once is going to be very extreme and difficult to maintain. Therefore, the best way to start drinking coffee without sugar is to gradually reduce the amount. This gives your body time to get used to it.

So, to get your goal started, cut the sugar in your coffee in half. Keep drinking the drink with this measure, until you get used to it. Once you get used to it, take some more and continue the familiarization process, until you don’t use any more sugar.

Drinking coffee without sugar is habit building, so it’s worth insisting! In a few days, you will enjoy the taste of the drink without the need to sweeten it.

What ingredients can you use to flavor your coffee other than sugar?

It is important to know that there are other ingredients that can enhance this taste experience and even provide more nutrients and health benefits. Coffee goes well with other flavors and it is possible to vary and experiment with other drinks and spices.


The combination of cinnamon and coffee is quite popular and can often be found in drinks such as cappuccino. The spice brings more flavor and aroma to the coffee. Powdered cinnamon can be added to cold or hot drinks. You can also add a cinnamon stick to the colander. Plus, cinnamon goes well with other spices like vanilla and cocoa, and with milk.

Powdered cocoa 

Mixing powdered cocoa in coffee makes the drink more flavorful and slightly bitter. This combination is indicated because there is a harmonization between the ingredients. They are highly compatible raw materials that provide specialty drinks.


This spice has a slightly spicy flavor and when added to coffee it brings more intensity to the drink. It is a very old mixture that emerged in the East and is widely consumed there today. 

At the time of preparation, add the beans to the coffee powder or put it in the cup with the coffee already ready. It is important to pay attention to the amount — in excess, the drink can become very strong.

How to stop drinking coffee with sugar?

Regardless of what made you decide to drink coffee without sugar, we know that the transition from sweetened coffee to unsweetened coffee is not always easy. That’s why we’ve prepared some tips to help you on this journey.

Cut the sugar little by little

If you tried drinking your coffee without sugar right away and it didn’t happen, don’t despair. This is a sudden change that doesn’t always work out.

A widely used strategy you can adopt to get to coffee without sugar is to gradually decrease the amount of sugar with which you sweeten your coffee.

Try sweetening your coffee in different ways

If you don’t want to sweeten your coffee in any way, this transition doesn’t have to be radical right away. You can start by replacing refined sugar with other types of sugar, such as brown, crystal, demerara, etc.

But there are also those who prefer other options such as cloves, honey and even industrialized sweeteners.

But you can also choose to sweeten your coffee in other ways. One of the most popular and beloved is the famous cinnamon coffee. In addition to giving coffee an incredible and unique flavor, cinnamon is a spice that brings many benefits to our health.

Even if your intention is to arrive at the moment when pure coffee satisfies you, it’s good to know the possibilities that exist out there.

Drinking coffee without sugar while eating some sweet food can help

A simple tip that can help you transition to sugar-free coffee is to eat something sweet while drinking your mug. Of course, this tip is more geared towards those who want to enjoy the taste of coffee more and are not exactly worried about taking the sugar out of it for their health.


In this text we answered the question: “How to flavor coffee without sugar?”. In addition we discussed the ingredients that you can use to flavor your coffee other than sugar. Furthermore, we gave you tips about how to stop drinking coffee with sugar.


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