How to fix salty ground beef?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How to fix salty ground beef?” and tips to fix salty ground beef.

How to fix salty ground beef?

You can add vinegar or lemon juice to fix the salty ground beef. Another tip would be to add a little bit of sugar to counter the excess amount of salt. 

If the ground beef has already been cooked and you have transferred the beef into a plate, you can squeeze the lemon juice on top of the beef dish.

If you are planning to add vinegar to counter the sugar, add 1 tbsp of vinegar and then taste the beef. If it still tastes salty, you can increase the amount of vinegar that has to be added. Opt for red wine vinegar or rice vinegar for this purpose.

If the dish that you are supposed to add ground beef already has vinegar, then add the salty ground beef in the dish and let it sit for a while. After a while, taste the dish and if it still appears salty, you can increase the amount of vinegar added to the dish.

It is essential to taste the beef before assuming it is salty. Sometimes, you might have added too much salt but after tasting the beef, it might not appear salty.

What are other tips to fix salty ground beef?

  • If you have prepared a beef gravy, you can add a little bit of chicken stock to the beef gravy. Instead of chicken stock, water can be added as well. This might help in balancing out the amount of salt.
  • If you are preparing beef gravy, try to add a few vegetables or noodles into the dish especially if it contains an excess amount of salt. Cook the veggies or noodles till it becomes soft. The veggies or noodles would absorb the excess amount of salt.
  • You can try removing the exterior parts of the beef. If the interior of the beef does not have a salty taste, discard the exterior parts of the beef and cook with the interior ones.
  • The addition of starchy foods can also aid in correcting the flavor of salty beef. Apart from potatoes, rice and pasta can also help in countering excess saltiness.
  • The addition of orange can also help in dealing with the saltiness of the beef. Orange though has lower levels of acid than lemon and might not work that well. It also gives off a strong smell too.
  • A simple technique to remove salt would be to brush it off. This tip would not work with dissolved salt obviously but if you can observe salt in the beef, you can brush it off.

How can you fix salty ground beef with water?

If excess salt has been added to ground beef, it can be washed off with water. For this purpose, you would need to place the beef over a colander and then wash it with water. After draining the beef with water, pat the beef with a dry towel. 

Water can help in removing excess salt as salt is soluble in water. Water added to beef gravies can also help in the dilution of excess salt added to them.

If you have added spices to the ground beef as well, then rinsing them with water is not a good option as the water would remove the spices as well. So if you are planning to wash the beef, you might need to season it again.

Another issue in washing the beef with water is that it can remove fat and oil from grease. This can make the beef lose its moisture turning it dry. It can also cause the beef to lose a bit of its flavor obtained from fat.

If you have rinsed the beef in water and still find it salty, soak the beef in water for a few hours. Soaking the beef in water for an hour can help in dissolving the salt. If the beef is extremely salt, you can increase the soaking time.

Soaking for long hours can dilute the flavors of beef and you might need to reseason it again.

Remember to avoid freezing ground beef after rinsing or soaking it in water as the ground beef is likely to develop a freezer burn due to the presence of excess moisture. You need to use the beef up immediately after it is brought in contact with water.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How to fix salty ground beef?” and tips to fix salty ground beef.


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