How to fill a butane torch lighter?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How to fill a butane torch lighter?”

How to fill a butane torch lighter?

To fill a butane torch lighter, first remove any air or fuel from the lighter after which you can add butane to the lighter and wait for a few minutes to ensure that it is working.

Steps to refill a butane torch lighter

  • Be seated in a well-ventilated area if you plan to refill a butane torch lighter. Butane is combustible which can irritate your eyes. As a result, sit in a good ventilated room. 

You can also switch on the fans and open the windows to ensure proper ventilation.

  • Work on a flat surface to refill the filter. To prevent the butane from falling and spoiling your table, you can lay down a newspaper on the table before refilling. You can also use a dry cloth instead of a newspaper.

If you are outdoors, do not stay in an extremely windy or dusty area. Also, sit in a clean and dry area.

  • If you have used the lighter recently, it is advisable to wait for a few minutes to let the lighter cool before refilling it. As butane is combustible, it is better to allow the lighter to cool for a while. You can wait for 30 minutes before refilling it.

If you wish to cool the lighter immediately, place it in the refrigerator for 8-10 minutes.

  • Using a screwdriver, turn the flame adjuster knob in a clockwise direction. Place the flame adjuster at a minimum height. If your lighter has a wheel, you can adjust the height using a wheel.

If the screw is not moving anymore, avoid forcing it to move. If the screw is not moving, it indicates that the flame adjuster may already be set to a minimum height.

  • Using a screwdriver, separate out the refilling valve. Using a screwdriver, push the valve down. Keep the lighter at a safe distance and away from your face while doing this.

The air would escape out of the valve. If there is air present inside the valve, it would prevent the butane from heating.

  • Hold the lighter in an upside-down position to prevent the air from getting into the lighter. Hold the can of butane upside down too to refill the lighter.
  • Shake the butane can as the butane can settle at the bottom of the can if you do not shake it well.
  • Place the can’s stem onto the lighter’s refill valve. Hold the lighter upside down and lock the can’s stem end to the valve properly.

If the stem end of the can is too large or too small, you can try using an adapter to fit the stem end to the valve. 

  • Pump 3-second bursts of butane to refill the lighter after the stem end of the can have fit the valve of the lighter properly. If the lighter is full, you can detect the butane leaking. Stop pumping the butane at this point.

Certain lighters have a gauge to detect how full the lighter is. Avoid overfilling the lighter.

  • After the lighter has been refilled, adjust the height of the flame adjuster using a screwdriver. Increase the height of the flame adjuster by slowly screwing it up.
  • Allow the lighter to rest for 5 minutes. This would allow the butane to adjust to room temperature. Also waiting for 5 minutes would allow the excess butane out of the lighter to evaporate. This could help in reducing the occurrence of fire.

If you still observe butane outside your lighter even after waiting for 5 minutes, it is better to wait for an additional 5 minutes and allow the butane to evaporate. 

  • Turn the lighter on. Start the lighter a few times to check whether it is in good working condition and while doing so, keep it away from your face. You can adjust the flame light as per your liking.

If the lighter is not giving off a good flame, you might need to add more butane. This would help you in obtaining a stronger flame.

  • Put the butane in a clean, dry, and safe place. Keep it away from heat. You can place it in a drawer. Also, make sure that children are not able to access it. 

Take proper care of the butane torch as it is likely to break down later.

What are a few tips to remember while lighting a lighter?

You can try using a triple refined higher butane fuel. Also, blow into the flame mechanism to remove any debris or dirt stuck into the lighter.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How to fill a butane torch lighter?”