How to drink a beer fast?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “how to drink a beer fast?” and other queries related to this topic.

How to drink a beer fast? 

There are several ways and hacks to follow to drink beer fast and here they are:

Drinking beer in a glass

Drinking beer in a glass is one of the ways to drink the beer faster. Choose your favorite beer and then before pouring it into the glass you need to choose a good glass that facilitates the process of drinking the beer fast, so a glass with a handle is a good option. However, a regular beer glass that does not have a handle can be fine also.

Once you choose the glass, remove the beer from the fridge or the freezer and let it warm up at room temperature. After that, pour the beer into the glass and wait for several minutes to remove the CO2 and the foam from it. 

Removing the CO2 will facilitate beer chugging. Then right before drinking it, hit the bottom of the glass on the table to remove the remaining CO2.

Then it is time to take a deep breath, bend the head backward, and relax the throat to increase the beer flow. However, some people can not do this trick and relax their throat, so instead take a large sip of beer.

Using a straw in a bottle

Choose a beer in a bottle, let it warm up a little bit then bring straw to put it in your beer. The type of the straw does not matter but it is better if it bends. The reason behind putting a straw in the beer is not to drink through it, but to increase the airflow in the bottle and act as a vent.

Then remove the cap of the beer and put the straw in the bottle, take a deep breath, lean your head, relax your throat and start drinking. The beer flow will be fast and you will end up finishing the beer faster.

Drinking in a can

Similar to drinking beer in a glass, the first step is to choose your beer. Hence it is better to choose a light beer that does not contain too many bubbles and carbon dioxide. Then let it warm up a little bit to avoid brain freezing.

After that, do a hole at the top of the can using a knife, then take the ring of the can and tear the strip. The reason behind it is to increase the airflow inside the can so the beer can be poured easily into your mouth.

Once the can is ready, put your finger on the hole, bend your head back, relax your throat and start drinking. When the beer starts pouring into your mouth, remove your finger from the hole. You will notice that the beer flow will increase due to gravity. However, avoid breathing when drinking the beer quickly.

Shotgunning the can

Choosing the right beer, and letting it warm up at room temperature are the first few steps to do before chugging the beer and are similar to all the previous methods. However, in this method, you need to do a hole or a puncture in the side of the beer on the opposite side of the mouthpiece.

So, lay your can on its side and bring a sharp object such as a knife or a scissor to make the puncture. After that, tilt your head back, place your mouth on the hole in the side of the can, relax your throat and tear the strip in the cap of the can. When tearing the strip you will allow more air to enter the can and increase the beer flow into your mouth.

What matters when chugging beer?

There are a few things to take into consideration when chugging beer:

  • The beer type: if your main reason for drinking beer is chugging, choose a beer that is not high in alcohol to avoid getting drunk so fast.
  • Breathing: taking a deep breath before chugging. It is important to avoid choking.
  • Eating: make sure not to chug a beer or drink a lot on an empty stomach, so eat before drinking.
  • Carbonation: alcohol is high in carbon dioxide. Excessive CO2 in your gastrointestinal tract will make you uncomfortable and lead to abdominal cramps.
  • The beer temperature: drinking room temperature beer is the best choice.
  • The swallowing: when relaxing your throat, the beer flow will increase.

What are the extra tips to chug a beer?

First of all and since throat relaxation is important in beer drinking many people can not do it. So, take large sips instead of small ones. 

Moreover, start slowly and then increase your drinking speed. Also, make sure you are holding the beer bottle or can at the right angle. Furthermore, practice with water before trying to chug a beer.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “how to drink a beer fast?” and other queries related to this topic.


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