How to dissolve cinnamon powder into your coffee?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how to dissolve cinnamon powder in coffee”, discuss the different methods of incorporating cinnamon to your coffee, as well as health benefits and side effects.

Here is what you need to know about cinnamon:

Cinnamon is a versatile spice made from the inner lining of a tree, known as Cinnamomum. It has numerous health benefits as well. Although cinnamon can not be fully dissolved into coffee or any other water-based liquid, it can still be infused into beverages.

How to infuse cinnamon into your coffee

You can infuse cinnamon by doing the following:

  • Add a dash of cinnamon ro your coffee grounds
  • Add cinnamon to honey, before adding it your coffee
  • Add cinnamon to your creamer or milk 
  • Add cinnamon to sticks in your coffee grounds
  • Add a whole cinnamon stick to your coffee mug

There are a few methods that you can use to infuse your coffee with cinnamon.

Add a dash of cinnamon to your coffee grounds

As simple as it sounds, make sure if you are applying this method you don’t use an espresso machine as cinnamon may not be ideal to use with it. Add cinnamon to your coffee grounds only if you’re working with a French press of coffee maker that uses a coffee filter. You would have to strain it as cinnamon absorbs water and becomes a very slimy texture.

Add cinnamon to honey, before adding it to your coffee

If you like your coffee a little on the sweeter side, try adding cinnamon to a teaspoon of honey and incorporate it into your coffee. You’ll have to stir it rapidly, so the cinnamon doesn’t separate from the honey.

Add cinnamon to your creamer or milk

Cinnamon tends to dissolve more in milk than it does in water or water substances.

So, add a few pinches of cinnamon to your milk or creamer before pouring it over your coffee.

Add cinnamon sticks to your coffee grounds

Although the flavor won’t be as potent as adding ground cinnamon to your coffee, it will give a very mild and satisfying flavor.


Add a whole stick to your cup of coffee

Take a cinnamon stick and put it in your coffee as a spoon, stir it around and you’ll surely taste the difference it will make. It gives off a very subtle taste of cinnamon, not too overpowering.

Cinnamon holds numerous health benefits as well. Cinnamon has high medicinal properties, as it is high in a compound called cinnamaldehyde.

  •      Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants

Cinnamon is loaded with an antioxidant, such as polyphenol. Antioxidants help the body from oxidative damages done by free radicals.


  •      Cinnamon is good for heart health

Cinnamon has been proven to reduce risk of heart disease. It lowers levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It also helps to control blood pressure, which all in all lowers the risk of heart disease.

  •      Cinnamon helps with inflammation

Inflammation helps your body to fight off infections and repair tissue damage. Cinnamon has potent anti-inflammatory properties.


  •     Cinnamon fights fungal infections

Cinnamon oil has been proven to treat respiratory tract infections as well as Salmonella and Listeria.

Although cinnamon has many benefits, too much of it can cause many side effects.

  •      Cinnamon can cause liver damage

Regular cinnamon has coumarin, which can be fatal for liver health. It can cause toxicity in the liver.

  •      Coumarin increases risk of cancer.

Coumarin may increase risk of tumors in the liver, lungs, and kidney. It is still unclear in which way coumarin causes tumors. But many studies on animals have shown otherwise.

  •     Cinnamon lowers blood pressure.

We know that cinnamon naturally is a remedy for lowering high blood pressure, but if blood pressure drops drastically it can be fatal to one’s health. Spices likes cinnamon mimic the effects on insulin, which can cause the blood pressure drop. This is called hypoglycemia. It can lead to lightheadedness, dizziness, and in many cases fainting.


  •     Cinnamon may interact with medications.

Cinnamon in small amounts is no problem. However, taking large amounts can interfere with medicines. If you’re taking medicines for heart disease, diabetes, or liver disease it can enhance or intensify the side effects.

The bottom line is that everything is good in moderation, too much or too little can have side effects or none at all. So, it is better to take cinnamon in moderation.


The verdict

There are many ways to spruce up your cup of joe, and cinnamon is a great way to do it.

Although cinnamon is not easily dissolvable, it can still be worked around. Cinnamon is a spice that brightens up any drink or food. It has many benefits as well as side effects. So, experiment with it. Beverages like horchata, chai tea lattes, iced coffees and many more beverages thrive off of cinnamon. Cinnamons enhance a lot of flavors whilst helping in lowering high blood pressure and aiding in weight loss too. So get creative and perk up your morning coffee with cinnamon.

In this brief guide, we answered the question “how to dissolve cinnamon powder into coffee” and discussed the different methods of combining cinnamon into coffee and the potential implications of cinnamon.


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