How to dissolve Cinnamon Powder in Coffee? (7 Methods)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question ‘How to dissolve the cinnamon powder in coffee?’. We will discuss some ways that we can incorporate the cinnamon flavor in our beverage, e.g., coffee. We will also discuss the unique properties that cinnamon spice has to offer.

How to dissolve Cinnamon Powder in Coffee?

Cinnamon in coffee is a healthy choice to have. It also makes our usual cup of coffee tastier. However, the task of dissolving cinnamon powder into coffee is not easy. It is a multi-purpose spice, that is a flavoring, seasoning, and even an aroma-enhancing agent. 

Generally, it is not possible to dissolve the cinnamon powder in coffee. For that matter, it is not possible to dissolve the cinnamon powder in any liquid. Cinnamon has health benefits. It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol and has an overall good impact on your health. 

Does cinnamon dissolve?

No, cinnamon does not dissolve in water. Cinnamon sticks come from the bark of plants, which are very fibrous in nature. Even in a form of powder, cinnamon does not dissolve at all. However, you can extract its essence by soaking it in warm water or cooking on heat.

Do cinnamon sticks dissolve? 

Cinnamon sticks do not dissolve themselves but their oil leaches out in the water. To do this, boil the cinnamon sticks in water. Simply put cinnamon sticks in water and boil for 5-6 minutes. This will extract all its flavor and give the water a “cinnamon” flavor. Another way to do this is by soaking them in water for 4-5 hours.

How to dissolve cinnamon? 

There are a variety of ways you can extract the cinnamon flavor.

  1. Boil cinnamon sticks with water
  2. Dissolve cinnamon in honey. (This is good for when you’re making coffee) 
  3. Soak in water for 3-4 hours

Why is Cinnamon powder insoluble?

Cinnamon is a bark; composed of insoluble wood fiber. Fibers do not dissolve in water; instead, they take up water and make the liquid slimy and viscous. 

 You don’t need to dissolve the cinnamon powder in coffee, simply work your way around it to make your coffee cinnamon-flavored. 

Chemical compounds in cinnamon powder possess antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Cinnamaldehyde is the most abundant agent in the cinnamon bark. The Cinnamaldehyde compound is immiscible with water because the majority of compounds are non-polar. This means that the compounds are mostly hydrophobic and cannot interact with the water molecule, instead, the fibrous substances take up water and swell.

You can choose either a cinnamon stick or powdered cinnamon. Using cinnamon sticks rather than powder is better because it retains most of its flavor.

Method 1 ( Filter Coffee, French Press, Turkish-style Coffee)

You cannot add cinnamon to your coffee before or after you make coffee. Just put cinnamon and coffee together in a filter coffee or french press. If you use a Turkish-style coffee, then you need to strain it before serving. 

Strain the coffee to prevent it from staying in contact with cinnamon for long. The fiber in cinnamon ruins the texture of your coffee by making it slimy.

If you use a Turkish Pot or French Press, you will have residues of tiny grains at the bottom of the coffee cup. You do not want the coffee grains to stick to the cinnamon.  

If you use either filter, French press, or Turkish pot; then put ground cinnamon before brew. 

Method 2 ( Espresso)

In an espresso, you cannot add anything else because it will clog the espresso up and taint the coffee. Due to prolonged contact, with water, the coffee will turn into sludge.

Method 3 (Coffee Cream)

This method works if you don’t prefer your coffee to be black.

You can also add cinnamon to your coffee cream before adding it to the coffee. The grains will stick to the cream and prevent the cinnamon grains from floating at the top. 

Method 4 ( Storage Infusion)

You can also store your coffee beans together with cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon would give away its aroma to coffee, making it cinnamon-flavored instead of just coffee.

The stronger the flavor you like, the longer you should keep your sticks with coffee.

Method 5 (Teabag Cinnamon Infusion)

Another unique idea to try is to use large cinnamon sticks and put them in a teabag. When you serve your coffee, you can put the teabag in to allow the cinnamon aroma to seep into the coffee liquid.

You can add cinnamon to already brewed coffee. The cinnamon powder dissolves well in milk. Ground Cinnamon mix into a latte. If you mix the cinnamon into the milk before pouring in the coffee, the clumping effect would be further reduced.

Method 6 (Honey/ Sugar Flavor Infusion)

Another creative way to go is to dissolve cinnamon into honey. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to a half teaspoon of honey. Pour your coffee slowly and stir thoroughly to prevent clumping.

You can mix up little cinnamon sticks and add them to a sugar solution. Let it boil and stir until it turns into a thick concoction. Strain the concoction in a mesh and store it in a jar. You can add this syrup to any beverage you like. 

Method 7 (Cold Brew Coffee)

To make a cinnamon flavored cold brew, use Cinnamon Sticks and coffee together.

The coffee and cinnamon will leach out their flavor together and the filter would hold onto your cinnamon.

 Break the cinnamon sticks into small pieces and mix them with the grounds. Then, proceed to cold brew your coffee.  

In this brief guide, we answered the question’ How to dissolve the cinnamon powder in coffee?’. We also discussed some ways that can incorporate the cinnamon flavor in our beverage such as coffee, by directly adding to coffee or making a concoction. We also discussed the unique properties of Cinnamon such as antioxidant and antimicrobial.

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