How to crush ice without a blender? (3 Ways how)

In this article, we will answer the question “How to crush ice without a blender?”, and how to make crushed ice using a food processor or blender?

How to crush ice without a blender?

Smashing ice in a lewis bag

  1. Move the ice out of the freezer right before crushing it. The ice will crush better If it is completely dry and super cold. If the ice cubes have a homogeneous size, the cruising will be easier. 

Crushed ice is used twice as much like ice cubes to fill up a glass. So make sure you have plenty of ice at hand.

  1. Lewis bags are designed to crush ice, hence, come with a wooden mallet to carry the process. Put the ice inside the lewis bag immediately after taking it out of the freezer. No time should be given for ice to melt. 

The plus point about the lewis bag is that even If you place melted ice inside the bag, It will absorb the excess water leaving behind dry ice. 

  1. Use a clean, lint-free towel, or a piece of canvas cloth if you couldn’t find Lewis’s bag in any online or bartending supply store.
  1. After placing the ice inside the bag, close the open end of the bag. Place the ba on a sturdy surface that can withstand the hammering without damage. While holding the bag with your non-dominant hand, hammer the ice with your dominant hand before It melts away.
  1. Instead of a wooden mallet, you can also use a rolling pin, regular hammer, rubber mallet, or meat tenderizer. We do not prefer using plastic bags instead of lewis bags because plastic won’t absorb the melted water off of the ice and might tear during hammering.
  1. Hammer the ice until no chunks of ice bigger than 1412 in (0.64–1.27 cm) in diameter remain.

Muddling ice in a cocktail shaker 

  1. Take out the ice cubes from the freezer and put them inside a cocktail shaker until It is filled halfway through with ice. This method is particularly useful for crushing ice for s single drink. When making a cocktail, pour your drink over the crushed ice in the cocktail shaker.
  1. Garb a sturdy pint glass or a cocktail shaker with your non-dominant hand and place it on a leveled sturdy surface.
  1. Tightly hold the muddler in the fist of your dominant hand and smash the ice in the cocktail shaker. You can use either a standard wood or a stainless steel cocktail muddler for this purpose.

Crushing ice in a manual ice shaker 

Some manual shakers follow the same principle as a lemon squeezer. All you have to do is place the ice cube on the platform and apply pressure with both hands until the ice is crushed. 

In a more advanced electronic version of the ice shaker, you do not have to do anything. The ice is put inside the ice shaker from the top and crushed ice is received from the bottom.

  1. Fill the manual ice shaker through the reservoir or through its mouth will ice cubes directly removed out of the freezer.
  1. Close the lid and/or the reservoir after putting the ice inside.
  1. Look for a lever on one of the sides of the ice shaker and start cranking it in a clockwise direction. Continue the cranking until all ice is crushed. Slow-cranking will melt the ice, therefore, make sure this process is quick. 

How to make crushed ice using a food processor or blender?

  1. Fill the blender with an even-sized ice cube taken directly out of the freezer.
  1. Put the lid on the food processor or blender and crush the ice in pulses. If the pulse button is not present, the highest speed setting will also do the job. Use it for short bursts. 

Stop pulsing when you can no longer see ice cubes bigger than 1412 in (0.64–1.27 cm) in diameter.

  1. Strain the ice to remove the water that melted off of the ice due to the heat of the motor of the blender or the food processor. Alternatively, tilt the blender or food processor and press the crushed ice with a slotted spoon. Let the water drain in the skin.
  1. Use the crushed ice before it melts or stores it in high-quality freezer bags in the freezer. The crushed ice that sticks together during freezing can be separated by gentle muddling.


In this article, we answered the question “How to crush ice without a blender?”, and how to make crushed ice using a food processor or blender?


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