How to counteract too much onion in a recipe? (5 ways)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “How to counteract too much onion in a recipe?”. We will also elaborate on some ways to help you counteract too much onion in a recipe.

How to counteract too much onion in a recipe?

If you have accidentally added too much onion to your recipe, no need to worry, here we have prepared a list of different tricks which you can try to fix too much onion in your recipe. 

  • Physically remove the onion 
  • Add potatoes
  • Add more of the other ingredients
  • Add something acidic
  • Add dairy 

Physically remove the onion 

You can also physically remove the excess onion from your recipe. This method works best particularly if you have added large slices of fresh onion to your recipe. Because fresh onions can differ considerably in strength, you can easily add them in excess. 

Just separate the onion from your recipe using a ladle-sized slotted spoon just when you recognise your fault. 

In case the onion has flavoured your preparation by the time you realise your mistake, you will then have to apply any of the different tips from the options we have given but you must still attempt to extract it first. Neglecting it in will add more flavour to your preparation. 

In case you have poured onion powder into a stew or gravy and have not still mixed it in, attempt to remove the surplus from the surface.

Add potatoes

Potatoes consist of starch with a mild flavour. Boiled or cooked cubes of potatoes can be added to the recipe to counteract too much onion. Potatoes will help to cut some of the onion flavours and will also spread starch into the preparation, reducing the flavour additionally. Discard the potatoes once tender and serve your meal as if nothing happened. 

Add more of the other ingredients

You can quickly counteract too much onion in your recipe by adding more of the other ingredients but not onions. This will help neutralize the excess onion flavour, helping you save your dish. 

You can add more chicken stock, extra oil, extra water, and everything that makes up the base of your recipe.

If you have added too many onions to the soup that was almost cooked, boil all other vegetables separately so that those already in the dish do not get over-cooked. If you want a watery soup, just add more broth into the mixture. Whereas, if you prefer creamy soup, create a thin paste by mixing broth with cornstarch. Add to the soup and stir well.

This method has the added benefit of making an extra amount which you can separate and save for another day. 

You may require to re-season your dish with any herb and spices after doubling the recipe to have a well-balanced taste.

Add something acidic

Adding acidic ingredients to a dish with too much onion will help to distract the taste buds and alter the flavour. Among the acidic ingredients, you can add lemon juice, lime juice, and wine vinegar. Adding these ingredients will add another dimension of flavour distracting your taste buds from the unpleasant taste of too many onions. 

Add dairy 

Another option that may work is to add dairy products to your dish. Among the dairy products, you can add some amount of cottage cheese, yoghurt, sour cream or other non-dairy alternatives. The fat in these dairy products will absorb some of the excess onion flavours and give a more well-balanced taste to your dish.

What can we do to tone down onion flavour in the first place?

There are a variety of ways that you can try to tone down onion flavour in your recipe in the first place. 

In a cooked meal, do not place raw onion directly in the pan with other ingredients. Rather, cook the onion separately before adding the other ingredients to the preparation. 

Even if you cook the onions at low flame for a few mins, it will considerably help to reduce the onion flavour. 

Water can help further tone down the onion flavour. Put the minced onion in a strainer and wash it under the tap water. 

Also, if you soak sliced onion in ice water for at least thirty mins, it will further help you to tone down the onions’ flavour considerably. 

Dry them before you add them to your recipes, and you will have lots of onion flavour without that sharp taste.

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In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “How to counteract too much onion in a recipe?”. We have also elaborated on some ways to help you counteract too much onion in a recipe.