How to counteract too much ginger? (7 ways)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “How to counteract too much ginger?”. We will discuss different ways that will help you counteract too much ginger in your food. 

How to counteract too much ginger? 

If you have mistakenly added too much ginger to your food, no need to worry, here we have prepared a list of different ideas which you can try to fix too much ginger in your food. 

  • Physically remove the ginger pieces
  • Increase the recipe
  • Add acid to your dish
  • Add creamy ingredients 
  • Sprinkle in some sugar
  • Add some milk
  • Cook for a little longer

Ways to counteract too much ginger 

Ginger is a well-known ingredient, mostly added in soups, Asian recipes and juices. The essential oil present in ginger has long been used medicinally to reduce nausea and acts as an anti-inflammatory. 

However, if you have added too much ginger accidentally to your dish you will want to counteract the pungent flavour. You can offset this flavour, but because ginger is sharp you may find this hard.

Physically remove the ginger pieces

You can also physically remove the excess ginger. This method works best particularly if you have added large slices of fresh ginger to your dish. Because fresh ginger can vary greatly in potency, it is easy to add too much by accident. 

Simply remove the ginger pieces from your dish with a slotted spoon or a fork as early as you have recognised your fault. 

If the ginger has already made your dish too spicy, you may also need to use one of the other tips in this list but you should still attempt to remove it first. Leaving it in will further contaminate your dish. If you have added powdered ginger or ground ginger to a thick soup or sauce and have not yet stirred it in, try to skim the excess from the surface.

Increase the recipe

Increasing all of the other ingredients in your dish can counteract the heat and spice of too much ginger. In some dishes, like gingerbread or ginger-lime chicken, you can simply increase the amount of all the other spices for a tastier meal. Serving the dish with rice, pasta or potatoes is an easy technique to reduce the sharp taste of the ginger.

Sprinkle in some sugar

Sweeteners can neutralise the intensity of ginger. Adding a bit extra granulated or brown sugar, honey or molasses can help to fix too much ginger. 

Add sugar gradually, tasting after every addition to make sure that your meal does not get extra sweet. Sugar gives a well-balanced flavour profile, thus regarded as a good choice for saving your dish.

Start by adding one tsp at a time until the sharpness of the ginger recedes. Other sweeteners you can add to reduce the excess amount of ginger, include ketchup or pineapple juice.

Add some milk

Creamy dairy products can help to balance out too much spice. Add a small amount of milk, coconut milk, yoghurt or sour cream, as suitable to the recipe, to neutralise the taste. 

Garnish ginger-flavoured desserts with some amount of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The vanilla flavour evens out the vanilla undertones of ginger, taking the emphasis off of the spicy flavour.

Add acid to your dish

In some soups and sauces, building acidity adds another dimension of flavour and this way it can be effective to mask the unpleasant taste of too much ginger. You can do this by adding lemon or lime juice. 

Vinegar may also be a fit to dilute the spiciness in some cases. Add your acidic ingredient in little portions and taste after every addition to keep your dish from becoming too sour.

Add creamy ingredients

The gingerol found in ginger can be made milder by adding dairy. While this may not be suitable for all dishes, it can go well in some. 

For instance, if you have added too much ginger to curry you can neutralise it by the addition of dairy in the form of yoghurt. In other recipes, you can use coconut milk. If you have baked a cake that has a lot of ginger, try serving it with ice cream.

Cook for a little longer

The main flavour in ginger comes from zingerone after it has been cooked. Zingerone is considerably less sour than the raw gingerols found in fresh ginger. 

Sometimes we can be a little too excited and taste our dish while the ingredients have not yet had time to cook. Give your dish a little more time before fretting that it is extra sharp.


In this brief guide, we have answered the question, “How to counteract too much ginger?”. We have discussed different ways that will help you counteract too much ginger in your food. 


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