How to cook frankfurters in the microwave? 

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘how to cook frankfurters in the microwave’?. We will also discuss some general aspects of frankfurters and the process and procedure to cook frankfurters in the microwave. 

How to cook frankfurter in the microwave? 

The method to cook frankfurter in the microwave is as follows. 

  • To cook frankfurter in the microwave, place the frankfurter on a paper towel, which will help to absorb grease and moisture which leaks during cooking. 
  • Place another paper towel on the top of the frankfurter which holds the moisture of frankfurter beside them or next to them which will ensure juicy , plumpy frankfurter.  
  • If you roll frankfurter in a paper towel, remember to tuck in the sides of the paper towel under frankfurter so that it doesn’t unroll during cooking.
  • Put frankfurters on the microwave plate or use a glass dish . Put frankfurters in the microwave for about 1 minute. 
  • Different microwaves have different microwave powers and watagges, so cooking time can differ slightly.
  • If your microwaves have higher wattages, use shorter cooking times. 
  • Time of cooking also depends on the quantity of frankfurters. 
  • More frankfurters, the more time it will take to cook. 
  • Check on the frankfurters. Since each microwave differs in powers and wattages, it is good to keep a check on frankfurters when half time has gone. 
  • Remove a paper towel carefully as the steam locked inside may release and cause burn. 
  • Check with a fork or hand. If they are cold or lukewarm, let them finish cooking properly. And if they are hot enough and soft enough, they are ready to serve.
  • After being cooked, remove the paper towel carefully and serve hot. 

What is frankfurter?

A frankfurter belongs to the sausage family. Frankfurter is a thin parboiled sausage. Traditionally it is made of a mix of beef and pork. It is also called as weiner.

Taste of frankfurter is gained by a method of smoking or grilling. 

Most Frankfurters are not cooked, they are boiled in hot water. And then microwaved or grilled at the time of serving. 

Why should you opt to cook frankfurter in the microwave instead of a stove?

Frankfurters are high in saturated fats. Chemically it is said that saturated fats do not have double bonds between carbon atoms. So when you bake in the oven or microwave frankfurter, you don’t get some extra calories and extra oil from the pan. 

Regular consumption of saturated fats leads to many health issues for example, heart issues , obesity and high cholesterol

Also, it is very convenient to cook in the microwave, you only have to put the frankfurter in for 1 minute or more and get it cooked. 

Other methods to cook frankfurter 

There are many other methods to cook frankfurters

  • Pan frying on the stove

You can add water or oil to a skillet or frying pan. Turn on medium heat. Heat the pan until water starts boiling. Gently add frankfurters to the pan. You only need to cook for some time. Roll the frankfurters to get them browned on all sides. Use tongs to remove frankfurters and serve. 

  • On the grill 

Grilling gives frankfurters that smokey taste. Turn on the grill and put frankfurters on the cooler side of the grill. Cook for 1 minute on all sides to avoid burning. 

  • In the baking oven 

Baking oven is the best alternative to grilling as you can brown all sides of frankfurters and reduce the risk of consuming a lot of saturated fats. 

  • Boiling

It is another way to cook frankfurters, but it is not recommended because all the taste of frankfurters gets transferred to the water. 

How to store frankfurters? 

Frankfurters are readily available everywhere and in all sizes. They are vacuum packed. Frankfurters have a long shelf life when they are stored in a freezer. Once frankfurters are opened, they can be stored in zip lock bags in the freezer.

Frankfurters are good items to store upto 6 months at 0 degrees. 

Suggestions to serve frankfurters

Frankfurters can be served with buns. Traditionally frankfurters are served with white buns. White buns are slightly warmed in the oven or a pan. 

Frankfurters can also be served with toppings. Condiments are used to add some extra flavor to can add these condiments and toppings after microwaving the frankfurters. Few topping or condiment ideas include, ketchup, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, hot pepper sauce, sriracha sauce, cream cheese, chopped onions, etc. 


In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘how to cook frankfurters in the microwave’?. We also discussed some general aspects of frankfurters and the process and procedure to cook frankfurters.


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