How to cook Canadian bacon in the microwave? 

In this brief article, we will answer the question “How to cook Canadian bacon in the microwave?”,  discuss the differences between Canadian bacon and ham, and teach other alternatives of cooking Canadian bacon and some recipes to use this meat to enhance the taste of your dishes. 

How to cook Canadian bacon in the microwave? 

To cook Canadian bacon in the microwave, you have to place the slices of Canadian Bacon on a microwaveable plate. 

Then, you must cover them with a microwaveable paper towel. 

After that, turn on the microwave for 20-30 seconds or until it gets hot. 

Different microwaves, however, have different settings and power levels, so the time of cooking can vary.

Another way to cook Canadian bacon: conventional pan-frying

Pan-frying: For cooking the Canadian bacon on the pan, you only need three things: oil, the pan, and the Canadian bacon. 

The preparation is very simple: You start by heating the pan over medium heat. Then, you add a small amount of oil to the pan. After the oil heats up, you can place the Canadian bacon slices in the oil and fry them for about two minutes on each side.

You can fry until the bacon is browned and slightly crispy, then remove it from the pan. 

What are the differences between Canadian bacon and ham?

Canadian bacon looks like ham, and the taste of Canadian bacon is also similar to regular ham. However, these two flavorful types of meat are different.

The main difference between them is that they come from different parts of the pig and have different textures.  Canadian bacon comes from the loin, while ham comes from the leg, thigh, or buttock. 

The preparation is also different: Canadian bacon comes in both thick and thin slices. Ham comes in cubes, thick slabs of meat, or even in slices. 

What is more healthy – Canadian bacon or ham?

Despite both of them being unhealthy, Canadian bacon is better than ham for our health. 

Canadian Bacon has less sodium, cholesterol, and carbohydrates than the ham.

Canadian bacon strips are also considered healthier than bacon. Besides, they contain fewer calories than regular bacon. 

Canadian bacon also contains more protein, but it is important to be aware that Canadian bacon also contains a large amount of sodium, so you should not eat it frequently.

In recipes that are supposed to be juicier, tenderness and with a sweeter taste you should use Canadian Bacon instead of regular bacon. The regular bacon, on other hand, adds more crispness to your recipe.

How to utilize Canadian bacon?

There are a lot of different ways to increment your recipe with Canadian bacon. Here we will show you some of them:


One of the delicious ways of cooking with Canadian bacon is to make a pizza with them.

The preparation is very simple. All you have to do is top the pizza with the ingredients of your choice and add thin slices of Canadian bacon. Put it in the oven and wait until it is ready.


Canadian bacon turns a simple sandwich into something different and tasty. 

To prepare, you just add as many flavors as you like, and of course, also put the Canadian bacon in the form of slices or grounds.  Add provolone cheese and you’re done.


This is another creative use of Canadian bacon to prepare your dishes. 

You only have to prepare the white sauce and add the cubes of Canadian bacon to the pasta along with anything else you prefer. Finally, put some cheese over the top.

There are a lot of delicious recipes with Canadian bacon, you just have to use your creativity to enhance the taste of your dishes. 


 Learn how to cook this meal: 

Fry the Canadian bacon. Then just make the passion fruit sauce to pour over the loin and, if preferred, remove the seeds.

The final taste is wonderful and ideal for serving on weekends when we have company around. 


Make simple saffron rice. Add diced apples, zest and lemon juice, mint leaves, and plums to make the recipe even more delicious. Combine the meat and the remaining ingredients in an ovenproof dish.

Finally, add mayonnaise, soy sauce, and mint. Season with black pepper. 

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In this brief article, we answered the question “How to cook Canadian bacon in the microwave?”, discussed the differences between Canadian bacon and ham, and taught other alternatives of cooking Canadian bacon and some recipes to use this meat to enhance the taste of your dishes. 


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