How to clean under the fridge?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How to clean under the fridge?” and provide information on tools that can be used to clean under the fridge and tips to clean under the fridge.

How to clean under the fridge?

Use a cheap yardstick to clean and remove the debris present under the fridge. If the debris is out of reach, you can try rolling duct tape under the fridge to remove stubborn debris.

Before cleaning the fridge, it is important to check whether the fridge has wheels. If it has wheels, you can move the fridge easily. Unplug the fridge before you try to move it. You can then clean the area of the floor as much as you want.

What tools can be used to clean under the fridge?

  • You can use a clothes hanger and bend it. This can be used to remove the debris underneath the fridge.
  • A vacuum cleaner can be placed under the fridge. This can help in removing the dust or dirt from under the fridge. 
  • You can also use a dryer brush to clean the debris from under the fridge. The bristle brush can also fit under the fridge and help in removing excess dirt and debris.
  • Another tool that you can use to clean under the fridge would include a duster. Use a wool or fiber duster to clean under the fridge instead of a feather duster.
  • A hair trap cleaner can also be used to clean the fridge. This hair trap cleaner would not leave any scratches on the floor.
  • An old sock or pantyhose can be used to clean under the fridge. A microfiber cloth can be attached using a rubber band to clean under the fridge.

What tips need to be kept before cleaning under the fridge?

  • To make the process of cleaning under the fridge easy, remove any rugs or mats present below the grill of the fridge. After removing the rugs, remove the grill of the fridge by pulling it out gently.
  • Remove the dust of the coils and bring them to the front of the grill to remove them easily underneath the fridge.
  • If there is still dirt present underneath the fridge, use a vacuum cleaner and stick the nozzle up the coils. Go over every corner of the coil to remove the dirt.
  • The grill can be cleaned and washed in a sink or a bathtub. Using bleach or a cleaning solution, clean both sides of the grill thoroughly. 
  • If the grill has hard stains, soak them in water for a while. Using a scrubber or sponge, scrub the grill gently. Allow the grill to air dry before placing it in the fridge. For faster drying, use a cloth to clean the grills.
  • Pop the cleaned grill back into the fridge.
  • If you have furniture placed beside the fridge, remove it first before you plan to move the fridge to clean it underneath.
  • Before cleaning the fridge, ensure that the door of the fridge is closed properly. This would maintain the coolness in the interior areas of the fridge for as long as possible.
  • If the stains are stubborn, you can clean the stains using baking powder.

How often should the area under the fridge be cleaned?

The area under the fridge should be cleaned a minimum of once for three months. This is because dust and debris are collected at the bottom of the fridge for months. If there are food particles under the fridge, the fridge can attract cockroaches and other pests.

Such pests can multiply quickly as well. If there is a little wetness present below the fridge, mold can grow beneath the fridge.

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How to clean the outside and inside of the fridge?

Place a vacuum paper core into the vacuum cleaner crevice tool after making several holes into the core. Using the core, clean the coils of the fridge.

Using a paintbrush, brush off the remaining dirt present. To clean the door gaskets, mix a quart of warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda, soap, and water solution.

You can use a toothbrush and microfilter cloth. It might take a lot of time to clean the gaskets as they might contain a bit of dirt.

The fridge drawers or shelves can be placed in lukewarm water. You can use dishwashing soap to clean the fridge drawers.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How to clean under the fridge?” and provided information on tools that can be used to clean under the fridge and tips to clean under the fridge.


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