How to clean a metal coffee filter? (3 Tips)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question,’ How to clean a metal coffee filter?’. We will consider different possible ways to ensure that your coffee metal filter is as clean it can be.

How to clean a metal coffee filter?

The coffee brewer holds a filter through which water can pass. Metal coffee filters are permanent that need frequent cleaning.

The disposable coffee filter is thrown away after each use, making the process a lot easier. However, the metal filter accumulates gunk and debris with repetitive use. The mesh becomes clogged which, then affects the quality of your coffee. Moreover, the built-up can be unsanitary and is home to several microorganisms. 

The coffee filter does not take long to develop a slimy layer which turns into a mold if not cleaned thoroughly. Coffee manufacturers recommend cleaning metal coffee filters frequently to avoid the build-up of residues. Besides the ill- effect on health, it can deteriorate your coffee experience and shorten the life of your coffee filter.

Be sure to clean the metal filters as often as you can to prevent build-up. The longer you wait, the harder it will be clean. Check your filter if they are dishwasher safe but, it is recommended to hand-wash them to make them last longer. 

Dismantle the coffee machine and remove the filter from the inside. Using heat or an acidic solution to clean the filter is both quite effective. By applying heat to the filter, you can burn off the stuck organic compounds.

Use an Acid Substance

To deep clean a coffee filter, soak the coffee filter in a vinegar mixture. Use two parts water to one part vinegar and; soak the filter in the solution overnight. Vinegar is an acid, therefore, makes a terrific cleaning agent.

You can also heat the mixture with the filter inside to loosen up the particles.

You don’t need to soak it in overnight if you use equal parts of vinegar and water.

Use your dishwashing brush to scrub it up to loosen the lodged particles from the mesh. 

You can pour a bit of baking soda over the filter soaked in acid solution. The foaming chemical reaction will speed up the process for you. 

Usually, the cones clean easily but, some of the greases get inside the apex.

Instead of vinegar, you can use another acidic source. You can use a citric acid source such as lemon juice. You could even purchase citric acid and make it into a solution. 

Use Dish-soap

Make a solution of dish soap and soak the filter in for a while. 

Your last resort can be to take a sponge and soap and rub it against the mesh to loosen up the particles.  Use a dishwashing brush with a soft bristle and massage gently until you are free from maximum residues.

How to clean different varieties of Coffee Filter? 

A basic substance will make as good a cleaning agent as an acid. If your metal coffee filter is made of stainless steel, refrain from using baking soda for an aluminum-based filter. 

Use hot water to scrub the filter or; try vinegar to scrub the calcium deposits. For more stubborn stains, mix some baking soda into water and let it sit for a while. 

Use a washcloth to rub gently. Proceed to rinse with clean water and dry it with a piece of cloth.

To clean a Metal Pour-over Filter, you can use soap or vinegar if hot water on its own doesn’t solve your problem.

Use a brush that has plastic bristles, or a toothbrush will work just as fine.

A Gold Coffee Filter could also be cleaned similarly, just be sure to use a small brush or a toothbrush.

Other methods to try:

You can invest in a small ultrasonic cleaner if you prefer. A mini and inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner will come in handy for your other cleaning needs as well. 

You can purchase a cleaning chemical designed especially for cleaning coffee equipment. The Urnex brand has a series of products designed to clean coffee-related equipment. Just make a solution with water and heat it for a while if necessary. The residue particles will make the water turn a brown, musty color.

Metal coffee filters are the easiest to clean; because the mesh is more visible than the coffee filter made of other materials. 

If you own a water flosser it can work as a cleaning aid. Even though it is originally for teeth but works  for cleaning household items.

How to clean Keurig Metal Coffee Filter?

TO clean a Keurig Coffee Filter, rinse it with water, and proceed with any of the above cleaning methods.

Alternatively, you can run empty cycles in Keurig to let the resides loosen up.

In this brief guide, we answered the question,’ How to clean a metal coffee filter?’. We considered different possible ways to ensure that your coffee metal filter is as clean it can be.