How to chill coffee quickly?

In this text we will discuss the most used methods to cool coffee quickly. In addition, we will bring you the recipe for coffee ice cubes and a delicious vegan iced coffee.

How to chill coffee quickly?

If the rush to drink iced coffee is too much, better then put the hot coffee in a container and insert this container into the ice, stirring the drink until it cools faster.

You can put your coffee in the fridge for an hour. This step is important when making iced coffee, because pouring hot coffee directly into ice can make the drink bitter.

You can also make your coffee normally and let it cool in the coffee maker or in a mug. There’s no secret: you can prepare the coffee as you always do – with the same hot water and let it cool.

Another tactic used by baristas to make their coffee even colder is to use a cocktail shaker. Just fill it with ice and pour the coffee (at room temperature!) directly onto the rocks, cover and shake. If you are going to consume it immediately, you can serve the drink without the ice in the glass.

As a way of not wasting the coffee left over when you drink it in the morning or at other times of the day, you can use the remaining liquid to fill ice cube trays and take them to the freezer. Then, just mix it with water or juice to have an iced coffee to withstand those torrid days. It’s a good drink to make in hot weather.

What is iced coffee?

Iced coffee is nothing more than a drink prepared with coffee at a cold temperature.

However, its preparation can have different methods for its cooling, each one offering different flavors and sensations to the recipe.

Therefore, the methods of preparing the drink are as follows:

  • Natural – the coffee is prepared, however, consumed only when it reaches room temperature;
  • Iced water bath – coffee is normally made, strained or machined, then it is poured into a container and placed in a water bath with ice water until it cools and reaches room temperature
  • Cooling – coffee is prepared normally and then poured in ice cubes or frozen foods, such as ice cream, in order to lower the temperature in a short time;
  • Cold brew (cold brew) – coffee beans are coarsely ground and mixed with water at a low temperature and placed in the fridge, in a closed container, for about 10 to 15 hours. Then the coffee is strained and ready to be consumed pure or mixed with other ice cream ingredients.

Regardless of the method of preparation for cooling coffee, there are several recipes that can be incorporated into the cold drink to create the iced coffee of your choice.

You might also just want to make coffee ice cubes to use during the day, for that you should

separate the leftover coffee from your preparation when drinking it hot. Then, deposit in an ice cube tray and place in the freezer. 

How to make simple and vegan iced coffee

Iced coffee is a refreshing version of the hot drink that has many benefits. A University of Colorado study found that drinking coffee every week, no matter what the temperature, can help reduce your chances of having a heart attack by 7%. 

In addition, coffee reduces the risk of diabetes, is good for the liver, is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants and can improve physical performance.


  • ½ cup of sugar;
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract;
  • 1 cup of coffee, at room temperature;
  • 2 tablespoons of plant-based milk of your choice (can also be to taste).

Preparation method

Typically, syrup is used in iced coffee to sweeten the drink, as well as sugar in hot coffee. So, you can prepare your own syrup or use a commercially available one.

To prepare the vanilla syrup, combine the sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Then let it cool completely and add the vanilla extract. Then store in the fridge until serving.

Cold coffee, on the other hand, can be made in several ways. You can prepare it normally and let it cool or add ice cubes. Another option is to prepare a pure Cold Brew. With the iced coffee ready, just add the plant-based milk and vanilla syrup to taste.

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We can conclude that the quickest method to chill coffee is to place it in a container over a bowl of ice and shake it until it is cold. You can also wait for the coffee to cool naturally or put it in the fridge.


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