How to be a good dishwasher at a restaurant?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How to be a good dishwasher at a restaurant?”

How to be a good dishwasher at a restaurant?

It is essential to be polite and clean the kitchen even at the end of your shift to be a good dishwasher. 

Newcomers might forget to clean the kitchen once the shift ends but veteran dishwashers know that it is essential to clean at the end of the shift. If you sweep and mope the floor as well as clean up the mess around the kitchen, the staff would appreciate you more.

Also, as a dishwasher, it would be better to be polite and avoid bossing other people around. You can provide a bit of feedback or your opinion but avoid going overboard as you might appear overconfident.

Other tips to become a good dishwasher are given below:

  • It is essential to be punctual. Being punctual would always put a positive impression on your seniors. You do not have to arrive extremely early. Just come to work 15 minutes before your shift begins.

Punctuality is extremely important especially during the weekends when the restaurants would be extra busy. Survey the kitchen and check whether there is any mess before beginning your work.

If you are not able to reach on time or you have encountered some problem, the professional thing to do would be to call the employer. You can also text them though calling them would be better as they might not read text.

  • Avoid texting or calling someone while performing your duty as this can be hazardous. It is essential to pay full attention while washing dishes especially the ones that are extremely hot as you could end up burning yourself if you are distracted.
  • While visiting your workplace, it is essential to be professional and wear proper attire. Your clothes should also follow proper hygiene and safety protocols. A clean and decent appearance can help build your reputation and respect.

Proper attire would also help in conveying your seriousness regarding your job. Also carry a waterproof apron, rubber gloves, and non-slippery shoes to improve the aspect of your job.

  • It is essential to be confident and have a good attitude to be a good dishwasher. Dishwashing is a tough job but having a good attitude can help your co-workers be happier and even lift your mood.

If you appear tired and not motivated to do your work, the employer can detect those signs and not want to work with you anymore. Avoid being resentful or angry as well as it is likely to get you fired.

  • The workers dealing with foods or utensils should always be hygienic. Take care of your personal hygiene. Wash your hands after you leave the washroom.

This would help in saving the reputation of the business and also help in building a reputation among your coworkers and superiors.

  • It is essential to take care of yourself too while you are working. While dealing with sharper objects, take care. Also, take care when you come in contact with hotter objects to avoid getting burnt.

If the floor of the kitchen is wet, take care to avoid falls. Also, it would be better to learn more about kitchen safety to protect yourself more.

  • Never say never! If you are chilling in your house but suddenly receive a call from the restaurant, do not say no. Hard work would lead to individuals respecting you and also help you in the long run.

What needs to be kept in mind before you start your shift as a dishwasher?

  • Start cleaning up as soon as you reach the restaurant. Clean the dirty dishes and keep them aside. This would help prevent the dishes from stacking and save your time as well.
  • Check whether the dishwasher machines have a good amount of soap in them. If they do not have enough soap, refill it before starting your shift. This would help in saving your time.
  • Check whether the sink is clogged. Sometimes food and debris can get clogged in the sink and prevent you from working effectively as the water would overflow. As a result, check the sink before you start working.

What needs to be kept in mind while starting the shift?

  • It is essential to have an appropriate rhythm to deal with a huge amount of utensils and a variety of them or else you could get stressed.
  • Learn to use the water sprayer properly.
  • Scrub off foods that need to be scrubbed before placing them in the dishwasher.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How to be a good dishwasher at a restaurant?”


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