How to age paper with tea?

In the brief guide, we are going to answer the question ‘How to age paper with tea’ with depth analysis of what consequences are present inside it.

How to age paper with tea?

Squeeze a teabag slightly so that some tea (liquid) falls onto the paper. Paint the paper until it is completely saturated with the tea you squeezed onto it. Repeat until your paper is completely stained with tea. Allow it to dry completely before proceeding.

What you’ll require for age paper with tea?

  • Tea-stain and coffee-stain 
  • lighter
  • Ordinary white stationery


Technique 1

Ripping the edges of the paper to age it

Paper selection and preparation

Choose a paper; we’ll use standard stationery paper. We cut A4 papers in half to prepare them for aging; the half of an A4-sized paper is ideal for scrapbooking, journaling, and crafting. It would, however, depend on your preference. 

To ensure that the borders are ripped off evenly, use a ruler and pencil to trace 1 cm borders along the four sides of the paper.

Cutting the corners

Ripping the paper edges is a simple and relaxing process. Simply hold the paper firmly in one hand near the edge where you want the paper border to be ripped off. On the other hand, gently rip the edge along the 1 cm border traced. Continue ripping the edge until all four sides are evenly covered.

Technique 2

Edges are being burned

Paper selection and lighter

  • You can either prepare the paper as we did for our previous technique or keep the paper size as is. Before you begin, inspect the lighter (flame level, leaking, ability to hold it firmly while lighting, and so on).
  •  Once you’ve prepared the paper and the lighter, hold the paper against the side you’re going to burn so you’re not exposed to the flame or heat. If necessary, trace the border.
  • Light the flame and begin slowly burning the paper edges. If the fire does not go out and begins to burn the edge of the paper too much, immediately put out the lighter and blow out the fire before it gets too deep into the paper. 
  • Continue until all four sides of the paper have been burned. A candle can be used as an alternative to a lighter.

Technique 3 

Strewn paper

Crumbling light

Crumbling paper is the most common and classic way to make a piece of paper appear old. Crumble a piece of paper without forming a crumbles ball to give it an aged appearance. Using both hands, lightly crumble each section of the paper.

Fully disintegrated

Simply crumple a piece of paper into a ball and hold it for one minute. After a minute, spread the crumbles out and flatten the paper with your palms. This will give the paper a vintage appearance.

Technique 4


Getting the stain ready

You can use either coffee or tea stain; they look similar, but we’ll try to post another article with more detailed instructions on paper staining later. Allow the coffee or tea liquor to cool slightly after boiling for a few minutes. 

Soak one of the papers you made using the previous methods in the coffee or tea liquor. Allow 10 to 20 minutes for the paper to soak; the longer it soaks, the better it absorbs the stain.

Let the paper dry

Carefully remove the paper from the liquor, being careful not to tear it as it is very fragile. Allow for complete drying of the paper on a non-stick flat surface. We put them on the tiles under the stove, but if that’s not possible, simply place them on a dry surface.

How do you age paper quickly?

Allowing the paper to dry after staining it is the most time-consuming part of this project.

It may take 2-3 hours to dry if you let it air dry (depending on how wet the paper is). If you’re in a hurry, you can quickly dry your paper by baking it at 200 degrees for 2 minutes. Just be careful and keep an eye on it to avoid it burning or drying out ( which will make the paper brittle and crack).

How do you use coffee to color paper?

Coffee, rather than tea, is another way to stain the paper. To do so, dissolve 2 teaspoons of instant coffee in 1/4 cup of hot water.

Once dissolved, paint the coffee liquid onto your paper with a paint brush or paper towel. You can also pour the coffee onto a cookie sheet and soak the entire sheet for 2-3 minutes. Allow your paper to dry naturally.

Is tea-stained paper safe to keep?

Because black tea contains a substance called tannic acid, your paper will no longer be archival quality. Although it only contains trace amounts of tannic acid, it is enough to degrade the paper’s archival and acid-free qualities.

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In the brief guide, we discussed answering the question ‘How to age paper with tea’ with depth analysis of what consequences are present inside it.