How much more expensive is Uber Eats? (+5 Reasons why)

This article will discuss how much more expensive is Uber Eats. In addition to this, we will also look at the various reasons why ordering food through Uber Eats is more expensive than eating at the restaurant. Furthermore, we will be listing out a few tips and suggestions that you can use to reduce your costs in Uber Eats.

How much more expensive is Uber Eats?

According to a survey that studied various food delivery apps, the price of meals in Uber Eats is 25 percent more than the actual meal from the restaurant. There are also many other fees that are involved, such as service fees, delivery charges and small order fees.

Why is Uber Eats more expensive?

The meals in Uber Eats are a lot more expensive than the menu in the actual restaurant due to several reasons. These reasons have been explored in the section below.

The number of delivery personnel is much lesser

When compared to the number of orders, the number of delivery personnel who are working for Uber Eats is much lesser. Thus, the user needs to pay a hefty delivery fee. This is particularly true during peak hours when the demand for food delivery is just too high. Uber Eats still tries its best by allowing delivery persons to accept stack orders from the same restaurant.

Restaurants have increased their prices

The pandemic saw a major wave of unemployment as many businesses shut down. This was especially heavy on the hospitality sector since in-person meetings were a total no-no. As restaurants are struggling to find ways to make a profit, most of them have hiked the prices of their menus. This in turn reflects the high costs of ordering through Uber Eats.

Uber Eats needs to pay the riders

Uber Eats also needs to pay the delivery personnel who work for it. These personnel need to be paid on time every time as they are classified as independent contractors or gig workers. Since they are not employees, they do not wait for a salary at the end of the month and need to be paid as orders are completed. This is partially responsible for the high costs in Uber Eats.

The app needs to be maintained

Those who have used the Uber Eats app are pretty familiar with its user-friendly layout and factors of convenience. Furthermore, the payment gateways through the app need to be sturdy and secure. Finally, the customer support offered through the app needs to be timely and prompt. To make sure all these run like clockwork, the app needs high maintenance on a regular basis.

Uber Eats has marketing expenses

Uber, as a business, requires marketing itself on a frequent basis to bring in more customers. This is particularly true for Uber Eats as there are plenty of competitors in the same market. As part of its marketing, Uber Eats often rolls out promo codes and discount offers to its customers. This, along with the other marketing expenses, can turn out to be pretty expensive for the brand.

Tips to save money on Uber Eats

If you are someone who only uses the stove as an extra table and the oven for storage, it is safe to say that you might be ordering from Uber Eats a lot. While the app is definitely worth it, ordering from Uber Eats on a regular basis cannot be good news for your wallet. Some tips and suggestions that you may want to try out have been explored as follows.

Take advantage of push notifications

Uber Eats and other food delivery apps are known for their push notifications. These push notifications are necessary especially when the food has been ordered and the customer needs to be aware of the proceedings. However, push notifications can also bring awareness to different time-limited deals and promotions through which you can save a ton of money.

Get an Eats Pass

Uber Eats also offers an Eats Pass through which the user can buy a monthly subscription for a particular amount. These customers enjoy numerous perks and advantages, most particularly free delivery for unlimited orders which exceed the minimum order. In addition to this, customers can also enjoy priority delivery for their food.

Filter your restaurants

Uber Eats has many filters through which you can control the restaurants that you are seeing and the cuisines that you prefer. You can set the filters in such a manner that you are able to order from inexpensive restaurants or those which are offering great deals. Those who select the sorting option in online shopping from ‘Low to High’ might relate to this.

Refer a friend

One more way through which you can save a few bucks in Uber Eats is by referring a friend or a neighbor to Uber Eats. There are plenty of people who use other food delivery apps, and even some who never use such an app, that can make use of this code. Once the order has been completed, you will be receiving a promo code that you can use later.


This article has discussed how much more expensive is Uber Eats. In addition to this, we have also looked at the various reasons why ordering food through Uber Eats is more expensive than eating at the restaurant. Furthermore, we have listed out a few tips and suggestions that you can use to reduce your costs in Uber Eats.

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