How much lemon juice in a lemon?

In this brief guide, we will find out how much lemon juice is in a lemon. A recipe can leave you wondering how much juice is present in one lemon or if you might need more.

Various reasons would affect the amount of lemon juice in a lemon. We need to explore to try to narrow down as to how much lemon juice is in a lemon.

Let us look at the amount of juice that lemons of different sizes yield.

  • A small lemon that weighs 4 oz yields 3 tablespoons of liquid.
  • A medium lemon that weighs about 5 oz yields 4 tablespoons of fresh juice.
  • A large lemon that weighs 6 oz yields 5 tablespoons of fresh juice.

How much lemon juice is in a lemon?

Lemon is an evergreen fruit found that is known to have originated from Asia. Due to its acidic taste and characteristics, it can be a vital constituent of a recipe. The importance of lemon juice is also due to nutritional richness such as vitamin C and potassium. Its healing properties provide relief from various issues ranging from the kidney to the digestive system.

To determine how many lemons you need to obtain the right amount of juice for your recipe, you must know the amount of fluid a single lemon has.  An estimate is helpful if the amount of fluid expected from citrus fruit is unknown. If you have a vague idea of how much juice is present in a lemon, it can be easy to follow your recipe through. The estimate used to get an idea of how much lemon juice is there; depends on the lemon’s size. A lime would get you a similar yield as a lemon.

No fixed amount of juice is present in citrus fruit. Individual fruit tends to vary based on many reasons. Some could be juicier than the other based on ripeness. However, the main factor can be where you are purchasing your fruit and the current season. When you need lemon juice from lemon but are not sure about how many you need, there is a range you could keep in mind.

The average amount of juice you can expect to obtain from a single lemon is roughly three tablespoons. However, if you are using four or five lemons, you can expect to have 12 to 15 teaspoons.

If your recipe demands lemon juice from a single lemon, it would be two tablespoons of lemon juice or 30 ml. However, if you have bottled lemon juice instead of one whole lemon, you could substitute it with two tablespoons of lemon juice.

Now you know that if your recipe calls for one lemon, the amount of bottled juice required could be anywhere from three to five spoons. If you have a single small lemon at hand, you can expect to squeeze out a minimum of 3 tablespoons. Lemon juice from a medium-sized lemon is 1/8 of a cup, while a large lemon yields a quarter cup of lemon juice. The above guide is also variable because some other factors come into play as well.

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Other factors that influence how much juice is in a lemon

The size alone cannot guarantee the amount of juice as some have thick rinds and other lemon rinds are thin. The lemons also vary with variety and season. Some may turn out juicy from the inside, some dry.

The more thoroughly you squeeze the juice out of lemon, the more you would obtain.  

 You can use two tablespoons of bottled lemon juice instead of one whole lemon. However, try to choose fresh lemons instead because they have better flavor intensity and acid profile. Bottled lemon juice is tempered with additives and preservatives to protect it. Chemicals such as sodium metabisulphite or potassium metabisulphite have an impact on the juice.

If we require three tablespoons of lemon juice, one lemon should be enough. However, it does come down to the size of the lemon. A medium lemon can squeeze out around three tablespoons of juice. From a large lemon, you can acquire four tablespoons of juice.


In this brief guide, we discussed how much lemon juice is in a lemon. We used different units of measurements such as tablespoons, cups, and milliliters. This manual would help you prevent the hassle and uncertainty of how much juice is in one lemon. We also discussed the factors that can cause a varying yield of fruit juice, from a single lemon. The size and quality of lemons can affect the juice quantity.

The significance of lemon juice in the culinary world is very high owing to its extraordinary properties. Use fresh lemons if you can, or bottled juice would suffice too.  In most recipes, lemon juice is irreplaceable and needed in precise amounts.


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