How much does Uber Eats pay vs DoorDash? (+6 Pros of delivery apps)

In this blogpost, we will discuss how much Uber Eats pays versus how much DoorDash pays. Furthermore, we will be checking out some of the main advantages of working as a delivery driver for such apps. In addition to this, we will be explaining certain ways through which delivery drivers can earn more money in Uber Eats and DoorDash.

How much does Uber Eats pay vs DoorDash?

In Uber Eats, a delivery driver can make a minimum of $15 to $20 per hour. In DoorDash, the pay is slightly higher and can be around $23 per hour. However, the number of orders in Uber Eats is slightly higher as the app is more globally placed than DoorDash. The surge pay rate in DoorDash is also a little higher than that of Uber Eats.

Advantages of working as a delivery driver

As more and more people are looking out for potential side hustles, delivery gigs are becoming more and more common. In addition to the money, working as a delivery driver for food delivery apps has a large number of advantages that make this gig a pretty popularly sought out one. Some of the best advantages of being a delivery driver for such apps have been described below.

The earnings are regular

The earnings that delivery drivers get in these food delivery apps are usually deposited into their bank accounts on a weekly basis. Thus, the income is more steady and regular when compared to other jobs which require the person to wait until the end of the month. Most apps also allow their drivers to cash out on a daily basis for a small fee.

Drivers can set their own hours

Delivery drivers can set their own hours while working in these apps. The delivery drivers can choose to work whenever they want and can also take a break or a vacation whenever they feel like it. The best part is, they will be assured of a job whenever they are back as the demand for delivery drivers is always high and is only expected to go higher.

The gig is great for introverts

This delivery job is pretty amazing for those who are introverted in nature and shun any office gatherings which require a lot of social interaction. The only communication or interaction that takes place in these delivery apps is when the driver reaches the restaurant or store to pick up the order and when the order is being delivered to the customer.

Delivery can be done in different ways

Delivery apps also allow their delivery drivers to deliver the good through a variety of means. In these apps, the delivery can be done by car or scooter. The drivers can also deliver the order through bicycle or foot which not only doubles as exercise but is great for the environment. Those who are choosing to deliver by bicycle or foot will be automatically given closer orders.

The job is good for exploring

The gig is also great for those who want to explore a city or a region. Since the job entails taking the road not-so-often taken and going to different neighborhoods, thrillophiliacs will definitely kick out of this job. Those who have exploring listed as a pastime or a hobby can easily make money while exploring a city.

Anyone can do this

Another superb thing about this job is that it is open for anyone and everyone to do. It does not require a college degree or some special training and thus can be an amazing part-time gig for students. It can also be useful for those who retired but are energetic and want to earn some money on the side.

How to earn more money as a delivery driver?

While working as a delivery driver for apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash, there are certainly some ways to earn more money, either from the app or through the customer in the form of tips. Some ways have been described as follows.

Keep an eye out for multiplied pay rates

While the delivery app may have a standard pay rate for normal hours, certain times of the day known as peak hours can bring multiplied pay rates during which the driver can earn more money. There are also certain times of the year when the app will give out even more money, such as the Boost Earnings in Uber Eats at times of sports games or concerts.

Practice great customer service

Customer service is extremely important in delivery gigs. By practicing great customer service, the delivery driver can be assured of a better tip from the customer, which can positively contribute to their earnings. Good customer service from delivery drivers means being kind and courteous to the customer and calling ahead to alert them of delays in the delivery.

Work on multiple apps at once

Another tip that delivery drivers can use is to work on multiple apps at once. This can ensure more delivery requests and thus more earnings. It can also give access to more customers and thus increased tips.


In this blogpost, we have discussed how much Uber Eats pays versus how much DoorDash pays. Furthermore, we have checked out some of the main advantages of working as a delivery driver for such apps. In addition to this, we have explained certain ways through which delivery drivers can earn more money in Uber Eats and DoorDash.

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