How much does the average potato weigh?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “How much does the average potato weigh?”, discuss answers to other related questions like can you weigh potatoes in cups, and how many grams of potato are there per serving.

How much does the average potato weigh?

On average, a potato weighs between 3 oz to 10.1 oz. it is the size of a potato in a 10-pound sack regardless of its shape. If you consider the median of this weight, we get 5.75 oz which might be the weight of a medium-sized potato, and for large potatoes, the weight can go as much as 10 oz.

Potato is a staple food in many areas and a common food worldwide. It is a necessary part of the daily diet and an essential ingredient of many dishes. It is part of countless recipes and added in specific amounts like any other ingredient. It is important to know the weight of potatoes because if a recipe calls for a medium-sized potato and you are not having that, then how much of the large potato will you add would be determined by the weight.

What is the weight of an average russet potato?

The weight of an average (medium-sized) russet potato is 174 grams. Russet potatoes are bigger in size than average potatoes and weigh more. The range for russet potatoes is between 96 grams to 286 grams.

3 ways to weigh potatoes

To determine the weight of potatoes, any of the following three ways can be helpful:

According to the size of the potato

To determine the size of potatoes based on their size, we can classify them as small, medium, and large. The weight of each in a 10-pound sack according to sizes are:

            Potato size                            Weight of potatoes 
In ounces (oz)In kilograms (kg)
Small 3.40 ounces 0.10kgs
Medium 5.75 ounces0.16kg
Large 10 ounces 0.29kg

According to the hand size

You can estimate the size of the potato by holding it in your hand and then determine the weight according to the size. For having a rough idea, we can say that a large potato is nearly the size of an avocado and will fit in the palm of your hands without curling your fingers around it. A medium-sized potato will fit 3/4th of your hands, and if you measure from the wrist end of your palm, you will get free space near your fingers. A small-sized potato will only fit your palm and would not touch the fingers of your hand.

According to the pound system

You can also calculate the size of the potato in pounds. To determine the size of potatoes for a 10-pound sack, the estimated weight can be represented in pounds or grams. Such as,

          Potato size
                        Weight of potatoes 
In pounds (lb)In grams (g)
Small 0.21 lb0.10 g
Medium 0.36 lb162.73 g
Large 0.63 lb285.83 g

You can easily estimate the size of the potato with any of the mentioned methods, but sometimes the recipe calls to add medium-sized potato, but you only have two large potatoes. What you can do is estimate the weight by holding the potatoes in your hands. Then cut a half or a little more than that of the potato. It will make your cooking more manageable, and many recipes use potato size as a reference so that it would not be that much of a trouble.

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Can you weigh potatoes in cups?

In American recipes, they write ingredients in cups, making it hard to measure the amount of ingredients you want to add. And the thing about the potato is, it easily fits in the cup. So you will never understand how many potatoes are in one cup. One way to measure this is by calculating the grams in a cup.

For instance, in one cup if there are 225g of a potato which is equal to 7.9 oz, that means the potato size would be a little smaller than a large potato. Similarly, in two cups, the amount in grams increases to 450g which is 15.9 oz, which means three medium potatoes or one large and one medium potato. With the increasing cup size, the amount also increases; in four cups, the weight will be 900g and 31.7 oz. It is equal to 3 large-sized potatoes.

How many grams of potato are there per serving?

According to USDA, a single serving of potatoes means one medium-sized potato. Potatoes are a starch-rich diet, and when on a diet, many people avoid the intake of a lot of carbohydrates. You can calculate your starch intake by calculating the serving size, and a medium potato has 15g of carbohydrates in it.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “How much does a medium potato weigh?”, discussed answers to other related questions like can you weigh potatoes in cups, and how many grams of potato are there per serving.