How much does a dozen eggs weigh? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “how much does a dozen eggs weigh?”. We will discuss if it is necessary to weigh eggs before baking and what is the weight of a large baked egg. We will understand what is the best way to weigh eggs for baking. 

How much does a dozen eggs weigh? 

The dozen medium-sized eggs weigh 21 ounces, and about 1.75 ounces each egg. The average weight of a big egg is 2 ounces, which is 24 ounces per dozen. 

Extra-large eggs have a minimum weight of 27 ounces per dozen, or 2.25 ounces each egg. Jumbo eggs are 30 ounces each dozen, or 2.5 ounces every egg.

Usually, eggs are different in size, as a result, they have different weights from each other. Here are the weights of different size eggs:


Peewee eggs are 15 ounces or less per dozen. The lowest weight class, peewee eggs, are thought to be the rarest. They’re often referred to as pullet eggs since they’re laid by extremely young chickens


A dozen medium eggs should weigh at least 21 ounces. The medium size egg weight increases because of their thicker shells.


When measured by the dozen, large eggs average weight of at least 24 ounces. During the laying season, chickens tend to produce large eggs.


Extra-large eggs are at least 27 ounces per dozen. The extra-large egg is almost identical to the giant eggs. 


A dozen of jumbo eggs should be at least 30 ounces. These eggs are the biggest in weight and originate from larger chickens.

Is it necessary to weigh eggs before baking?

When a recipe asks for a certain number of eggs, you should be more exact with the sizes and proportions that you use.

Imagine that you have a recipe that calls for four eggs. You’d be surprised at how much a 2-ounce big egg and 4-ounce giant egg weigh in comparison. The 4-ounce giant egg is an extra ounce of egg that wasn’t called for in the recipe.

If you use less than the recommended amount of egg in any of the recipes, the finished product will be thin and dry. When there is an excessive amount, they get heavy and become difficult to work with.

However, if you want to use an egg in a recipe, and are not sure about the quantity you must weigh it before cooking, since recipes use egg size to indicate ‘how much’ rather than ‘this precise egg.

The taste of eggs is required in several dishes, such as flans, sponge cakes, and custards. These meals won’t have their signature eggy taste without enough eggs.

What is the weight of a large baked egg?

The baked egg has less weight than a raw egg because the egg loses its water content after baking. On average, large eggs have a weight of 24 ounces when the shell is not removed and the egg is not separated from the yolk. 

Each egg weighed heavier before cooking and lost weight in the hot pan owing to water loss. The 24-ounce weight of a large egg contains the weight of its shelf, however when you bake the egg you have to remove the shelf which will reduce the actual weight of the egg.  

Keep in mind that, despite the condition and processes, eggs will differ due to their inherent variability. There is no way to acquire eggs that are perfectly consistent. In most recipes, one big egg will be called for, and it will be anticipated to weigh 24 ounces. 

What is the best way to weigh eggs for baking?

Use a digital scale to measure the weight of your eggs in baking recipes quickly and easily. Put a dish on a scale to deduct its weight before commencing.

Start cracking your eggs individually into the container. Keep an eye on the scale to make sure you’re getting the proper number of ounces. The shells are a waste and should not be included in your calculations since they will have no use in the final dish you make.

If your recipe just asks for one portion of the egg, such as the whites, you will have to separate them before weighing them. This ensures that you have plenty of the desired egg portion.

The difference of a few ounces will precisely be found in this situation. This is one of the most significant methods to weigh your egg.

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In this brief article, we answered the question “how much does a dozen eggs weigh?”. We discussed if it is necessary to weigh eggs before baking and what is the weight of a large baked egg. We understood what is the best way to weigh eggs for baking.