How much does a cup of coffee cost? (3 reasons)

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “How much does a cup of coffee cost?” discuss answers to other related questions like why the price of coffee differs worldwide and what it costs to brew coffee at home.

How much does a cup of coffee cost?

It is quite a difficult task to answer such a question in exact terms and figures because the price of a coffee cup varies worldwide. This variation is mainly based on the cost of living in the city and the cultural cachet of coffee in the area, among other things.

However, we can define the average price of a coffee cup in different cities because cities will always have individual outlets where the price is higher or lower.

If we talk about Lisbon, Portugal; a cup of coffee costs about $0.74. The cost of living is lower here than in other European countries, and this is reflected in the cost of a cup of coffee.

A cup of coffee in Milan, Italy costs $1.33 and according to European Coffee Trip, the specialty coffee scene in the city is on the rise. 

A cup of coffee in Istanbul, Turkey costs $1.41. Coffee houses in Istanbul were once places to read books, play chess and backgammon, and discuss poetry. The Ottoman Sultans were the first to drink roasted coffee beans and kept a coffee maker at court, chosen for their skills at brewing coffee and keeping secrets.

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3 reasons why the price of coffee differs worldwide

The price of coffee fluctuates worldwide due to several reasons but it is not possible to discuss all these reasons in a single sitting. However, certain factors are there, that often stand out and affect the price of coffee. Read on to see how these factors be a significant reason for the fluctuation in coffee pricing worldwide:

  1. The first reason contributing to this fluctuation is the preference of people. Much of the Western world can not imagine a morning without coffee. However, in places like China where tea is king, residents often see coffee as a luxurious splurge. Therefore, it is any harder to import coffee into Beijing as compared to the U.S., but foreign coffee companies like Starbucks have ingeniously marketed coffee as an indulgent and exotic drink that worths the price.
  2. Secondly, the cost of living also makes a huge difference towards the varying price of coffee. Coffee charges are high in countries where people can pay for more. Cities like Zurich and Dubai are notoriously expensive, so it is no surprise that ordering a cup of coffee would cost more too.
  3. The final price of coffee is also influenced by the financial structure of each country. For example, a cup of coffee that costs $6.24 in Copenhagen is likely thanks to the higher taxes of Denmark. This is so also because of the Danish culture, as tipping is not part of Danish culture. In this way, the living wage of a barista must also be factored into the overall product cost.

What does it cost to brew coffee at home?

It is a common routine of many people to have a daily coffee shop trip but some people still choose to make their brew at home because, at home, you do not only have control over making coffee according to your taste but also you can save some cash and get that jolt the moment you wake up. 

So, do home-brewed coffee costs less? And how its price varies?

To answer these questions, let’s do a simplified comparison. Let’s say, we are comparing beans from a larger specialty roasting company like Peet’s or Starbucks which lands at around $12 per pound in the U.S. You can get 48 6 oz. cups of coffee per pound, which equates to approximately $0.25 per cup of coffee that is brewed at home.

For a quick peek at other prices around the globe, a pound of roasted beans in the coffee mecca of Costa Rica lands at around $9, or only $0.18 per cup. However, in Finland, a similar one-pound bag costs closer to $26 per pound or $0.54 per cup.

Last but not least, if we compare drip coffee with the UK’s favorite way to consume coffee at home—instant coffee—the UK may win in terms of price as each cup equates to about $0.10. However, do they win when drinking the powdered stuff? To each their own, but we will happily stick with freshly ground, perfectly roasted beans.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “How much does a cup of coffee cost?” discussed answers to other related questions like why the price of coffee differs worldwide and what it costs to brew coffee at home.


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