How much are 2 ounces of tea?

In this article, we will answer the question “How much are 2 ounces of tea?”, and how to brew tea.

How much are 2 ounces of tea?

Each type of tea has a different density so 2 ounces of every tea will equate to a slightly different amount. Generally, 2 ounces of tea is about 56.699 grams (rounded off to 57). 

An ounce of loose tea will give you 10–15 standard cups of tea (6 fluid ounces which means that 2 ounces of loose tea will give you about 30 cups of tea. 

Now let’s do some math. If 2 ounces = about 57 grams, a teaspoon of loose tea is approximately 3 grams. From this, we can deduce that a 2-ounce bag of loose tea = 57 grams / 3 grams = 19 teaspoons. 

So, You will get about 19 cups if you steep your tea for once only. The bottom line is that 2 ounces of tea will yield a minimum of 19 cups of tea and a max of 30 cups of tea, single steep.

How much loose tea should I steep?

As per the standards, you should use one tablespoon of loose tea per 8 ounces. This means that you will need 1 1/2 tablespoons of loose tea if you want to brew yourself a twelve-ounce cup of tea.

How to measure Teatulia Loose Leaf HOT Tea?

The following table shows how to measure different types of Teatulia tea by weight and volume to yield an 8 oz. cup of hot tea.

Teatulia tea type Weight per 8 oz. cup of hot tea Volume per 8 oz. cup of hot tea 
Black tea 2 grams 1 tablespoon
Black Tea Blends (e.g. Earl Gray, Chai)2 grams 1 tablespoon
Green tea 2 grams 1 tablespoon
Green Tea Blends (e.g. Ginger Green)2 grams 1 tablespoon
White tea 2 grams 1 tablespoon
Oolong tea 2 grams 1 tablespoon
Herbal Teas (e.g. Chamomile, Peppermint)2 grams 1 tablespoon

Measuring tips 

  1. To brew a large amount of hot tea in a teapot, increase the amount of loose leaf tea while considering the total ounces of water you’re using. For example, use up to 6 grams or 3 tablespoons of loose leaf tea for a 3-cup teapot.
  1. To control the intensity of your brew, increase or decrease the number of tea leaves instead of following the package directions. For example, use a heaping tablespoon per 8 ounces of water for a stronger brew, or go with only a teaspoon for a lighter brew. The more you steep the same loose tea, the lighter the flavor of its brew.

How to measure Teatulia Loose Leaf  for ICED Tea?

The following table shows how to measure different types of Teatulia tea by weight and volume to yield a single 16 oz. glass of iced tea.

Teatulia tea type Weight per 8 oz. to yield 16 oz. iced tea Volume per 16 oz. iced tea 
Black tea 4 grams 2 tablespoons
Black Tea Blends (e.g. Tulsi Infusion, Neem Nectar)4 grams 2 tablespoons
Green tea 4 grams 2 tablespoons
Green Tea Blends (e.g. Ginger Green)4 grams 2 tablespoons
White tea 4 grams 2 tablespoons
Oolong tea 4 grams 2 tablespoons
Herbal Teas (e.g. Lemongrass, Ginger)4 grams 2 tablespoons

How to brew tea?

Know your water 

To make the best tea, use the best quality water, ideally filtered or bottled spring water. Steer clear of using tap, distilled, or mineral water for brewing tea. Make sure the water is clean and fresh.

Consider the three Ts

The three Ts play a crucial role in determining the taste of your brew. Each type of tea has a specific brewing time and temperature at which it produces the best brew.

Type: Determining the type of tea is important before steeping it. Green tea leaves are minimally processed and more delicate than black tea. Due to this, green tea does not require a long steeping time or a high temperature. 

Herbal teas are not true teas as they do not belong to the Camellia sinensis species. That is why the longer steeping times do not make the herbal teas taste bitter.

Temperature: Depending on the type of tea, the steeping time usually falls somewhere between 160 to 212 degrees. Altitude affects the steeping temperature. 

In case you do not have an electric kettle, remember that water simmers at 190 degrees at sea level and boils at 212 degrees. Also that the boiling temperature decreases about a degree for every 100 feet in altitude increase.

Time: Longer steeping time may turn your tea bitter and astringent. While shorter steeping times yield a weak brew. Taste-check your tea after the minimum recommended steeping time to decide if it needs more steeping or not.

Three Ts Cheat Sheet

Tea type Temperature Time 
White 160 to 190 degrees F2-5 min
Green 160 to 180 degrees F1-3 min
Oolong 185 to 205 degrees F2-6 min
Balck 200 to 212 degrees F3-5 min
Herbal 200 to 212 degrees F5-7 min

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In this article, we answered the question “How much is 2 ounces of tea?”, and how to brew tea.