How many munchkins in a box?

In this article, we are going to answer the question ‘How many munchkins in a box?’ and discuss what munchkins are made of and how many munchkins are necessary to make a donut.

How many munchkins in a box?

There are two possibilities of munchkin boxes available, that is, a 25-piece munchkin box and a 50-piece munchkin box (1).

There is the possibility of choosing the flavors, which are: Glazed, Glazed Chocolate, Jelly, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon and Blueberry Glaze. 

What is the story of creation of the munchkins?

The story of creation of the munchkins relies on the necessity of using the excess dough cuts generated in the preparation of conventional donuts. They are the donut holes (3).

They were first introduced in the 1970´s and rapidly became a very successful product, reaching the number of more than a billion sold units every year (1,2).

How are munchkins made?

Munchkins are made using an automatic cutting machine, which cuts the proofed donut dough (1).

The donut dough is made by mixing dry ingredients and adding the premixed dry ingredients with eggs and milk, yeast and shortening. In the sequence, a dough is formed upon the kneading of the mixed ingredients for several minutes.

After being shortly proofed, the dough is modeled and cut by an automatic machine, which gives the dough a format of munchkins. There is then a second proofing of the dough, followed by frying.

The last step is glazing and filling, using a variety of ingredients to give the munchkins a diversity in flavors (4).

How many munchkins are there in a donut?

Approximately 5 cake Munchkins are necessary to make one cake donut, and a little less than 5 yeast Munchkins are necessary to make a yeast donut (1).

What are the benefits and drawbacks of eating munchkins?

The benefits of eating munchkins are (1,4,5): 

  • Munchkins provide energy to the body, due to the high amount of calories
  • Munchkins are convenient food items, thus practical, readily available and for reasonable prices
  • There are many varieties and flavor options
  • Munchkins are smaller than donuts and can be eaten in small portions

The drawbacks of eating munchkins are:

  • Munchkins contain a high amount of calories and fat, including saturated fat, which are related to the increase in the low density lipoproteins (LDL) and cholesterol levels in the blood
  • The consumption of fast food, including donuts and munchkins is related to increased risks of developing obesity and heart diseases
  • One fried commercial doughnut, such as a Dunkin donut or a serving of munchkins contains about 9–20 g of total fat, according to studies, which is a very high amount of fat in a portion

What number of munchkins should you eat?

You should eat no more than 13 units of munchkins per day, when you eat the option containing the lowest amount of saturated fats, which are the powdered and cinnamon munchkins old fashioned (6). 

The upper daily limit of saturated fat is, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration, 20 g. If you eat 13 units of powdered or cinnamon munchkins, you are ingesting 19.5 g of saturated fat.

However, other flavor options contain higher amounts of saturated fats and therefore, you should eat less than 13 units per day.

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