How long to steam a small Christmas pudding?

In this article, we will answer the question “How long to steam a small Christmas pudding?”, and how to make individual steam oven Christmas pudding?

How long to steam a small Christmas pudding?

The steaming time of a Christmas pudding depends upon the size of the pudding. If you use a 12-hole standard muffin tray to make small puddings, steam your pudding for about 30 minutes at 212°F/100°C, steam only (100% humidity) setting. 

Individual steam oven Christmas pudding 


  • 1.75 lb mixed dried fruit (see note), chopped into pea-sized pieces
  • 4 oz almonds chopped
  • ¼ cup brandy (or other alcohol of choice, see note in the post)
  • 1 cup unsalted butter softened
  • 1 ¼ cups brown sugar firmly packed
  • 1 orange zested and juiced
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour 130g plain flour
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp ground cloves
  • ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
  • 2 cups breadcrumbs from fresh white bread, lightly packed


  1. A day before making the pudding, soak the fruits in brandy and leave overnight.
  1. The next day, grease and line a 12-hole standard muffin pan with butter and parchment paper, respectively. You can also work with small individual metal or ceramic molds.
  1. In a large mixing bowl, add the butter, sugar, orange rind, and juice. Beat until light and fluffy. Whisk in the eggs one by one and do not fret if the mixture curdles during the addition of the last couple of eggs.
  1. Then stir in the flour and spices followed by the breadcrumbs and soaked fruit. Mix until just combined.  
  1. Fill the holes in the muffin tray equally with the prepared mixture. Use individually cut pieces or a whole piece of parchment paper to cover the individual puddings.
  1. Set your steamer to  212°F/100°C, steam only (100% humidity). Put the puddings into the steam oven and allow to cook.
  1. Wrap the individual puddings in wax paper and store them in an air-tight container. Refrigerated air-tight puddings can stay up to 3 weeks. Spritz the puddings with some brandy during this period but this is optional. You can also freeze your puddings for extended storage life.
  1. Reheat the puddings at 212°F/100°C, steam only (100% humidity) for 30 minutes (45 minutes from frozen). 
  1. Serve with brandy butter or custard and enjoy.


  1. Use your favorite combination of fruits to make the pudding. For example, you try pairing some vine fruits such as raisins, sultanas
  2. , and currants with candied fruits such as candied orange slices. 

Steer clear or buy the pre-packaged mixed fruit from stores. Because it only contains candied peel with artificial citrus essence which fails to add the richness to your pudding that the real fruit does. 

  1. To improvise this recipe for a single large pudding, use a  bowl/basin around 1.8qt/1.7l and steam cook the pudding for about 6 hours.

Nutrition facts 

Calories 590 kcal
Carbs 89 g 
Protein10 g 
Fat 23 g
Saturated fat 11 g
Trans fat 1 g
Cholesterol 95 mg 
Sodium 168 mg 
Potassium 641 mg 
Fiber 9 g 
Sugar 57 g 
Vitamin A 584 IU
Vitamin C 7 mg 
Calcium 204 mg 
Iron 4 mg

What equipment do your need to steam cook a pudding?

You will need a pudding basin, a sheet of baking paper that is larger than the pudding basin rim, a sheet of foil, kitchen string, a large pan with a lid, and a trivet set, an upturned saucer, or a roll of scrunched foil.

How to tell if the pudding is cooked?

Insert a skewer it not the center of the pudding, piercing through the baking paper. The pudding is done if the skewer comes out dry and clean. If the skewer is wet with the pudding mixture, steam your pudding for an additional 10-20 minutes.

Overcooking the pudding will ruin the fruit texture so you need to be cautious about how long you steam cook your pudding. Do not cook your pudding more than a half-hour to an hour beyond the suggested cooking time.

How to steam a Christmas pudding?

Sep 1

Cut out a circle 5cm larger than your pudding basin from a large sheet of baking paper. Feel free to use a ruler and a pencil for a more accurate cutting. The circle need not be the perfect shape but it must be large than the basin.

Step 2

Butter the paper circle and fold the paper in the center to make a pleat. Cover your pudding basin with the paper circle, versed side down. Cover again with foil and press the hanging sides of the foil to the basin. Tie securely with kitchen string.

Step 3

In a large pan, place an upturned saucer, a piece of crumpled foil, or a trivet set to elevate the pudding basin. 

Step 4

Fil the basin halfway through with boiling water and steam the pudding for about 2 hours. 


In this article, we answered the question “How long to steam a small Christmas pudding?”, and how to make individual steam oven Christmas pudding?


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