How long should French press Coffee steep? (7 Tips)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘ How long should French press Coffee steep?’. We will explore the variable time to let the French press coffee steep. We also delve into tips and techniques to get the most out of our French press Coffee.

‘How long should French press Coffee steep?’

French press coffee takes four minutes to brew. French Press coffee is known for its distinct and heavy flavor. 

Technically, there are three stages in the coffee-making process. The first is wetting. In wetting, the grains are mixed with water to allow the carbon dioxide to escape from them.

The next process is dissolution, in which the coffee particles dissolve into the hot water. 

The final process is called diffusion. In the diffusion process, the concentrate of coffee and water is allowed to move around the container.  The coffee moves to all the liquid particles to ensure that the coffee is diffused evenly throughout the pot.

How to prepare French Press coffee?

French Press works in two steps. In the first one, the coffee is steeped in hot water then the grounds are pressed out. 

The French press is preferred because it is steeped rather than filtered. The saturation of the coffee beans allows for a richer coffee experience than other coffee press.

Method 1

  1. Bring the French Press to a boil after you add 350 g of water. 
  2. Grind your coffee beans to make them into coarse or evenly ground powder. 
  3. If you make 350 g of coffee in your French Press, add 30 g of coffee. 
  • It is better if you weigh your coffee beans instead of measuring them by volume. 

As the density of coffee varies with the variety, the volume will not be precise enough to measure accurately.

  1. The water you put into the press needs to be added gradually.

 Double the mass of coffee grain. 

If you add 30 grams of coffee grains, start by pouring 60 grams of water. 

  1. Stir the coffee with a wooden spoon to let it bloom for 30 seconds. 
  2. Now pour the rest of the water into the step and put the lid on. 
  3. You need four minutes to let the coffee steep. 
  • Coffee professionals suggest that steeping time should vary from three to six minutes. 
  • The steeping temperature is also variable to some extent. If using a lighter roast, intend to obtain 205 F, while for a darker roast, 195 F is appropriate.
  1. After you have pulled the plunge down; it is time to pour it out into a cup. 

After it has steeped, be sure to serve it immediately.

Why should you move the coffee from the French Press soon as possible?

 If you let it sit, the coffee grains will over-extract and make your coffee bitter.

Over extraction is undesirable as it dominants the bitter components of coffee. Over brewing needs to be prevented so that the flavors are evenly distributed. 

The bitter compounds must not be given enough time, to seep into your cup of coffee. 

Method 2 

  1. After you have ground and measured the coffee beans, heat the water first. Use the stovetop or an electric kettle to bring the water to boil. Let the boiling water sit at room temperature for a minute to cool the water down. 
  1. One minute is sufficient for 32 ounces of coffee. You may need to reduce the time for a smaller volume of coffee. 
  • You could use a thermometer to ensure that the temperature is at 195 F.
  1. Now you are ready to pour the water into the French Press. The brew needs vigorous mixing before it is allowed to steep for 4 minutes. 
  • Steep until all of the coffee settles visibly for around 4 minutes. The steeping time is usually variable depending on the temperature and quality of the beans and roast. 
  1. Start your timer immediately after you have added the water. 
  1. Until the coffee is dispersed you need to stir thoroughly for about 45 seconds. As the carbon dioxide gas is released, the grounds rise to the top. Here you need to take charge and ensure adequate mixing. 
  • It is highly recommended to carry out the mixing process otherwise; your coffee will remain under brewed. 

However, the steeping time could vary for different roasts of coffee. The steep time is more than six minutes for coarse grounds. You can limit the steeping time to four minutes for finely ground-up coffee beans.

  1. After you have pulled the plunger down, transfer the coffee to the Carafe
  • The plunger needs to be let down gently. Otherwise, you risk ruining your coffee grounds. The sudden agitation to the coffee grounds would make them release the bitter, undesirable compounds.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘ How long should French press Coffee steep?’. We explored the variable time to let the French press coffee steep.

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