How long is rice good for in the fridge (3 influences)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question ‘ How long does rice stay good in the fridge?’ We also discuss ways in which we can make rice maintain its shelf life at optimal quality.

How long is rice good for in the fridge?

Rice stays in the fridge for four to seven days. The shelf life of rice can vary depending on the way it was stored. If it was not stored correctly, then rice can go bad earlier than it should. Here we will discuss some ways to make your rice as long as it should. 

The average shelf life of white rice is 4 to 6 seven days. Practically, rice is safe for consumption unless it does not show obvious signs of spoilage. This rule applies to many kinds of rice, including short-grain and long-grain. However, brown rice has a shorter life. However, the shelf-life of rice is approximate rather than exact.

Brown rice lasts for four to five days only. As brown rice contains bran and bran oil; it is prone to early spoilage. 

Wild rice also lasts as long as white rice; that is four to seven days. 

However, before you consume your rice, it is better to rely on your senses to judge if your rice is palatable. Give it a sniff and assess its texture to conclude if it is still safe to eat. 

The signs to look out for before eating leftover rice are;

A strange off-smell- This sign denotes the presence of bacterial growth 

unappealing texture- Rice that has gone off can have a dry and crumbly texture

TO ensure the rice doesn’t go rancid before you get a chance to consume them is to freeze them. Freezing rice prevents spoilage. You can defrost frozen rice, and as you reheat add a little oil.

In the freezer, rice can last for six to eight months before it goes bad. 

Serving your rice

Try to serve rice as soon it is cooked. 

Ensure adequate heat throughout the rice pan. It should be steaming hot when you take it off.

After the rice has cooked, let it cool quickly; within an hour.

After you reheat rice, do not store it for more than a day.

Do not reheat rice more than once.

Even when you refrigerate and reheat rice, it can cause illness under some circumstances. If rice is allowed to sit at room temperature, it can deem it unfit for consumption.

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How to properly refrigerate your rice? 

Before you refrigerate the rice, ensure it was cooked properly. One of the reasons that rice spoils sooner, is that it was not cooked properly.  

Rice needs to be refrigerated as soon as possible because rice has spores that can cause the growth of bacteria. When bacteria multiply, they release toxins capable of causes food poisoning. Heating kills bacteria that are present in the rice, but the toxins that the bacteria produce.

Bacillus Cereus is the bacteria responsible for rice spoilage. Besides rice, these bacteria are also present in other plant foods, such as legumes.

These bacteria aren’t capable of causing any harm when the rice is handled properly. Even though bacteria have been destroyed at high heat, their spores remain.

Have rice cooled properly before refrigeration, because hot rice allows retention of moisture and accelerates bacterial growth. However, the cooling process should be allowed to take place as quickly as possible; ideally within an hour. Subjecting rice to moderate temperatures for long periods can encourage bacterial growth from spores.

The emphasis on air-tight and its role in the longevity of food is immense. Before you refrigerate, put your rice in a resealable plastic container or bag. Sealing helps to keep the fridge moisture and bacteria away from the rice. 

When you eat leftovers, only heat the amount you want to eat. Exposing rice frequently to different temperatures can cause harm to it. 

How to reheat rice?

Add two tablespoons of water or oil per cup of cooked rice. Cover and heat it for five minutes at a medium-low flame.

To heat it in a microwave, add two tablespoons of water or oil per cup of cooked rice. Microwave on high power, allow a minute for each cup of rice.

If you fail to consume your rice within the prescribed period of five to seven days, it is best to throw it out.

If rice is heated multiple times, it can cause it to have an unexpectedly shorter life. 

If your reheated rice stays dry and stiff, this indicates that your rice is past its prime.

In this brief guide, we answered the question ‘ How long does rice stay good in the fridge?’ We also discussed ways in which we can make rice maintain its shelf life at optimal quality. We also explored the biological reasons that come into play when rice spoils.


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