How long for an avocado tree to produce? (+5 steps)

In this article, we will answer the question “How long for an avocado tree to produce?”, and how to grow avocado indoors?

How long for an avocado tree to produce?

Avocado tree from the nursery grows faster. An avocado tree will start to bear fruit 3-4 years after planting. If the tree is growing from a seed, it will take anywhere between 5-13 years to completely mature and be able to set fruit. 

How to grow avocado indoors?

Avocados can be grown 2 ways indoors. They can either be developed from a grocery store avocado pit/seed or from the nursery stock which is the clone of the mature trees and grows at a much faster pace than the seed grown plant. 

Growing an avocado from seed 

  • Wash the avocado pit thoroughly. Poke three toothpicks inside the pit at equal distances. Suspend this avocado, broad end at the bottom, over a glass of water that contains water. The top of the pit is in contact with the air while the bottom is submerged about 1 inch in the water. 
  • Place this set up in a warm area away from direct sunlight. If the pit does not develop roots and steam shoots after 6 weeks, discard it and start over. 
  • When the stem has grown 6-7 inches long, trim it to 3 inches and wait for it to develop leaves. Keep changing the water during this time.
  • When you notice leaves sprouting and dense roots, transfer it to a plant with a good drainage system to protect the shallow roots of avocado plants. The pot should have at least a 10-inch diameter with preferably terracotta soil. 
  • Add potting mix at the top of the pot and dig a hole deep enough for the avocado seedling to fit in. Carefully place the seedling inside the hole and pack the soil around it. Water it and take care of it like a nursery plant from now on.

Growing an avocado from a young tree

It is recommended to transfer the plant to a larger pot to promote vigorous growth. The pot should have a potting mix designed for cacti or citrus plus a good drainage system. 

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Caring for avocado trees

Temperature and light 

Avocado plants love the sun. the optimum temperature for their growth is 60 and 85℉. In winters, supplemental light will help them grow faster.


Avocado plants have shallow roots and overwatering will lead to the death of the plant. Yellowing of the leaves is a symptom of overwatering. 

If the leaves appear yellow, let the plant dry out in the sun for a few days. Ideally, avocado plants should only be heavily watered once a week or when the leaves start to curl and wilt. Overwatering in winters leads to root rot.

 If the leaves start to curl/ dry at the top or develop a brown color, the plant is indicating a mineral buildup. To counter this, use only rainwater to water your avocado plant. Alternatively, run distilled water through the soil for several minutes to flush the minerals completely.

Pruning and staking 

Use sharp and clean tools to cut the plants. This will result in more dense growth. When the avocado seedling is 12 inches high, cut the tip and top leaves off, severing just above a growth node. 

This is an important practice to promote lateral girth. When the lateral branches are 6-8 inches long, trim the tips. Frequent pruning is required during the first year of growth. 

After that, pruning once a year during the month of slow growth is recommended. When the seedling is 2ft high, make it a bamboo stake to support its weight. 


A citrus tree fertilizer during the first year of growth is important. The avocado plant needs 10% nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash plus 6% magnesium. 

Spray your avocado plant with trace elements like copper, zinc, manganese, and boron during the first 4 years of growth every spring and summer. 

This will help your avocado tree bear fruit. Once the fruit is set, increase the application of potash fertilizer up to 15%.

Harvesting fruit 

Do not worry when you see a lot of flowers or even fruits falling. This is natural. Once the fruit has achieved the desired size, remove it in front of the tree and place it on the shelf somewhere to ripen. 

Sometimes they become shriveled instead of ripening. Do not panic. Pick another full-sized fruit from the tree. When the plucked fruit has started to ripen, pick as many fruits from the tree as you want. 


In this article, we answered the question “How long for an avocado tree to produce?”, and how to grow avocado indoors?


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