How long does the avocado tree take to bear fruit?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how long does avocado trees take to bear fruit” with an in-depth analysis of the duration that is needed by avocado trees to produce fruits. Moreover, we are going to highlight how the avocado tree is developed from a seed to a tall, fully grown tree and what we can do to increase the production of the fruit.

How long do the avocado trees take to bear fruit?

The fruits can be produced by avocado trees after 10-15 years if the tree is grown from seed and 3-4 years if the tree is grown from plants. Throughout this growth period, several environmental conditions should be maintained to ensure the appropriate growth of the trees, such as giving enough water, proper sunlight and temperature, giving fertilizers, and spraying with nutritional sprays.

The time needed by avocado trees to produce fruits:

Avocado trees start producing fruits after 10-15 years if they are grown from seeds. And it takes almost 3-4 years for the trees to bear fruits when they are planted from plants. In either case, one should maintain the appropriate growing conditions throughout the growth of plants for their healthy development and faster and higher rates of fruit-bearing.

Growing an avocado plant from the pit:

Two methods can usually be used to grow an avocado plant from a pit: suspending the pit in water with toothpicks and planting the pit in a pot containing soil. Planting in the soil is the best way as it allows the fastest and quickest growth of the seedling.

On the other hand, the growth of the pit in water is a slow process that can enable one to successfully examine the development of roots. But still, if you are growing the plant in soil, you need to soak it in water before putting it in the soil.

Growing seedling:

To grow the avocado seedling, one should provide appropriate conditions that can enhance the rate of growth and enable the plants to grow healthily. The seedling should be grown in a bright place with indirect light having temperature conditions lower than 60° F. This will enable the seedling to grow appropriately.

To enhance the growth, the shoots should be pruned to half when grown to about 6 inches. Water the avocado seedling with tepid water once the soil is dried to the depth of about ½ inch. Also, fertilize the soil with some natural or synthetic fertilizers to support the growth of the seedling.

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Producing fruit:

When the tree is grown for about 10 years by keeping the sustainable and optimum physical conditions throughout the growth will lead to the development of a healthy and tall tree. After 10 years, it can start producing fruits at any time.

The average time noted for the avocado trees to produce fruits is 10-15 years. If the tree is grown from the already grown small plant, it will develop into a tree after 4-5 years, after which it will start producing fruits.

Factors causing alteration in growth and fruit-producing patterns:

The growth and fruit-bearing time or the number of fruits produced may vary from one plant to another depending on the variety which is used as some plants have the potential to grow faster at even improper conditions while the others cannot even grow properly at slightly altered conditions.

Moreover, some other factors, such as improper pruning, under or over-fertilization, improper environmental conditions (lower or higher temperature, excessive or less light, more or less watering) can also affect the plant’s growth and their fruit-bearing property.

Tips to produce more fruits:

Several things should be considered while growing avocado trees to enhance the growth and production of fruits as avocado trees need some specific conditions for their proper and healthy growth.

Light is one of the important factors that should be maintained throughout the growth of a plant from a seed to an adult tree. The trees should be planted at places where they can receive sunlight for almost 6 to 8 hours daily and give enough space for growth as trees in congested areas cannot grow.

The plants should be watered at least once a week as the water requirement of avocado trees is not too much. You can also check if the soil is dry to the depth of about 3 inches and then water the trees. The growth is increased during winters as this plant needs a humid environment for its best growth.

Fertilize the soil on which the avocado tree is growing properly to enhance the growth of the fruit. You can also fulfill the requirements of avocado trees by spraying the nutritional sprays, containing zinc, boron, manganese, and molybdenum, over the trees. Spray the trees at least six times a year.

You can also increase the growth by pruning, cutting the tree shoots. The damaged branches should be removed as they may affect the other parts of the plants too.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “how long does an avocado tree take to bear fruit” with an in-depth analysis of the duration required by plants to develop fully and produce fruits. Moreover, we discussed how we can grow the plants by maintaining several conditions and how the number of fruits can be increased by maintaining several environmental conditions.


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