How long does sugar last?

In this article, we will talk about different methods to store and handle 

sugar properly to extend its shelf life and answer the question, “how 

long does sugar last?”

How long does sugar last?

Sugar lasts for a long time if stored properly. Granulated sugar may be kept in the pantry indefinitely after it has been opened until and unless it gets moisture or a bug attack. Brown sugar and confectioners or powdered sugar are both limited by the same set of guidelines.

Past Printed Date
Granulated White Sugar lasts forIndefinitely
White Sugar Cubes last forIndefinitely
Raw Sugar lasts forIndefinitely
Brown Sugar lasts forIndefinite, but Best within 2 Years
Powdered Sugar lasts forIndefinite, but Best within 2 Years
Sugar Substitutes last forIndefinite
Equal lasts forIndefinite, but best within 2 Years
Sweet n Low lasts forIndefinite, but best within 2 Years

Can we extend the shelf life of sugar?

Yes, we can extend the shelf life of sugar. To increase shelf 

life, store sugar in a sealed container. Sugar’s hygroscopic qualities 

make it absorb moisture quickly, causing it to clump. This encourages 

sugar crystals to form.


How to check if sugar has spoiled?

Following the steps given below will allow you to tell if sugar has ruined.

  • Discard sugar if you see mold, germination, bugs, eggs, or any other pollutants in the bag.
  • The right method to find if your sugar has absorbed moisture is to check for lumps in the bag.

How to keep your sugar soft?

You may prevent your sugar from becoming hard by following the steps listed below.

  • To avoid hardened sugar, keep your sugar jar away from the water or humidity. In a cold, dry, and dark location, such as a cupboard, you can keep it.
  • Storing sugar in the fridge is not a good idea, as the fridge has very dry conditions, and the sugar may absorb other food’s smells.
  • Use a sealed jar to avoid moisture or insect assault from ruining your sugar.
  • To prevent the brown sugar from crystallizing, some people leave a piece of bread or marshmallow in the jar. However, ensure you replace your bread to stop the bread from growing fungus.


How to soften back sugar?

The change in texture and hardness of sugar does not indicate a poor 

taste. It can be put back together.

By following the below steps, you may soften sugar back to its natural 


How to soften white sugar

When exposed to moisture, white sugar will get hardened, therefore you may soften it by placing it in an oven set to 150 ° F for 15 minutes and then breaking it up with a spoon. Keep it in the oven for another hour or two after you turn it off.

How to soften brown sugar

It solidifies because it is exposed to moisture loss. Therefore, it is best to keep it in the microwave with a damp cloth as the cover and cook it in 20 seconds, then remove the paper towel and leave it in the microwave.  For the remaining lumps, use your fingertips or a spoon/fork.

How to soften powdered sugar

Sweet corn starch contributes to lumps forming in powdered sugar, and there is nothing you can do but eliminate the lumps by breaking them.

How to soften unripe sugar

Once the sugar absorbs moisture, it will become hard. To make it soft again, you may place it in an oven set to 150 ° F for 15-30 minutes. Then, use a spoon to break it up. 

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What are the uses of sugar?

In addition to enhancing the flavor of food, sugar is used in several food technology processes.

Sugar is used for a variety of purposes, including the following:

  1. Various processed and confectionery goods contain it as a preservative.
  1. It is commonly used in taste and texture modification.
  1. Additionally, it is a coloring and bulking agent.


Do you know some interesting facts about sugar?

  • A recent report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that the average American consumes 61 pounds of refined sugar per year, including 25 pounds of sweets. Halloween takes up at least two pounds of your total daily caloric intake.
  • According to the US Department of Agriculture, about half of the 8.4 million metric tonnes of sugar produced in the US each year originates from beets.
  •  Carbohydrates are the primary organic compounds found in living organisms.
  • Lugduname is an exceptionally sweet compound—over 200,000 times sweeter than table sugar.
  • The artificial sweeteners saccharin and aspartame were discovered because lab employees performing unrelated research observed that a little of the test chemicals were sufficient to affect their taste, and they like it.


In this article, we discussed different methods to store and handle 

sugar properly to extend its shelf life and answered the question, 

“how long does sugar last?”



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