How long does soy sauce last?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “how long does soy sauce last?” We will also talk about the shelf life of soy sauce as well as the best ways of storing it.

How long does soy sauce last?

Soy sauce may be used for many years after the “best by” date has passed.

According to the manufacturer’s statistics, that date determines how efficiently the product should be considered to be in peak condition. That implies that after that date, the product’s quality should begin to deteriorate gradually, and its taste will not be as excellent as it would be if it were still fresh.

It has previously been stated that storing soy sauce in the fridge would allow it to keep its taste for a longer time.

Soy Sauce (Unopened)“Best by” + 2 years“Best by” + 2 years
Soy Sauce (Opened)“Best by” + 6 months“Best by” + 1 year

Please keep in mind that the dates shown above are estimates and are just for the highest possible quality. Soy sauce may readily be stored for months or even years at a time.

How can you know if it has spoiled?

Soy sauce may change in color and taste with time, but this does not always indicate that it is unsafe to eat.

As a result of the oxidation process, it will grow darker and more intense in taste and fragrance as time passes. When you just open the bottle, you will be able to taste the most intense flavor. When mold begins to grow on food, it is best to throw it out. This is true for most foods.

Examine your sauce to verify that it is safe to eat. It is polluted if it is kept in a container but lacking a top or a cover. Pour some of that into a bowl and see how it tastes. If there are still floating particles in the solution, it is ruined. When you open the bottle, you will notice a foul stench, which indicates it has gone stale

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Is it possible to become ill from outdated soy sauce?

The best-before or best-by date is typically used for condiments rather than the expiry date, this means you may consume your soy sauce after the best-before or best-by date has passed provided it is kept in the appropriate storage conditions. The best-before mark is just a reference to how long the item will be at its optimum quality before it has to be discarded.

As long as it is not contaminated, it will not make you sick, although the flavor may be greater than usual. As previously said, storing it in the fridge will allow it to maintain its optimum taste for a longer time.

Is it true that soy sauce spoils if it is not refrigerated?

No. It does not need refrigeration even after it has been opened. You may keep it at room temperature for a long time. However, if you wish to preserve its taste for a little while longer, you should refrigerate it.

Due to its high salt content, an unsealed bottle will stay perfectly well at room temperature for several months after being opened. As far as no liquid or other additives are added, the product will not deteriorate, even if it is not refrigerated, according to the maker.

Proper storage, on the other hand, is always recommended.

What is the best way to store it?

If not chilled, soy sauce should be kept in a pantry or other cold and dry location if not in use right away. Keep it out of the way of the dishwasher and the stove. The heat from these machines has the potential to destroy any foodstuff or condiments that are put near them.

Store the bottle at room temperature in the original container with a screw-on screw-on cap once it has been opened. To keep its taste for a longer length of time if you do not use it often, you may keep it in the fridge until you do. Simply put it in your pantry where it will be easily accessible daily.

If you observed that the bottle was not properly sealed, or if you noticed that pollutants had gotten into the bottle, these are also valid grounds to throw it out. The same goes if you observe anything in the sauce that does not seem quite correct. If this is the case, it is best to go with your instincts and discard the sauce.

If the soy sauce has an unpleasant odor, discard it. It is unlikely to be ruined, so eating it will do no damage. However, it may spoil your sushi (or whatever else you are eating), and you do not want to take any risks with that.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “how long does soy sauce last?” We also talked about the shelf life of soy sauce as well as the best ways of storing it.