How long does quinoa last?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “how long does quinoa last?. “We will also talk about the shelf life of quinoa as well as the best ways of storing them.

How long does quinoa last?

The amount of time quinoa will last will be determined by whether or not it has been cooked. In a cold, dry environment, such as a pantry, it is reasonable to assume that an unopened package of quinoa will survive far beyond its expiry date if it is not opened.

Quinoa, on the other hand, will only survive for one week in the refrigerator and close to 12 months only if it is frozen.

 In the PantryIn the FridgeIn the Freezer
Raw QuinoaAfter the expiry dateAfter the expiry dateAfter the expiry date
Cooked Quinoa6 -7 days8 -12 Months

Signs that quinoa has gone bad

Leaving quinoa in the fridge for more than a week or allowing it to sit out at room temperature for an extended time can cause it to spoil. Here are four ways to help you identify whether or not your quinoa is bad:

The Smell is as follows: The scent of quinoa is comparable to that of bad feet while it is in the process of decay. However, when it emits an awful smell similar to that of bad feet it is necessary to toss it away.


When quinoa begins to decay, its texture will become slimy. Quinoa is inherently a slippery and fluffy meal when it is cooked, and this is no exception. However, since the grains are dry, they will naturally float to the bottom if you let them fall from a fork. On the other hand, when quinoa is rotten, the grains become sticky, but when you pull them away, there’ll be a drawstring effect, and the stringy-like material will be completely clear in color.


When a brown or yellow material develops on the surface of the quinoa, it indicates that it has become moldy. Mold may sometimes appear as a white fluffy material that forms on top of the grains. Because quinoa is usually white, the mold may be difficult to detect if it is also white. As a result, always ensure that you inspect the quinoa thoroughly to verify it has not gone wrong before you consume it.

If the quinoa has become hard after cooking, it is an indication that it has gone bad. This also indicates that the quinoa is beyond its expiration date.


The best way to store quinoa will be determined by the condition of the item before storage. The product may be kept at room temperature in the pantry if it is uncooked and unopened when it is first purchased. 

The product should be kept refrigerated if it is raw and has not been prepared. The product’s shelf life will be extended if it is kept refrigerated. Keeping the quinoa refrigerated also helps to prevent the deterioration of the product.

Cooked quinoa can go bad in a matter of hours, therefore it is essential to store the product in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Uncooked and unopened packets of quinoa may be stored in the pantry for up to 3 to 4 years if kept in a cool, dry place. Quinoa that has been opened and stored in the refrigerator will remain fresh for 3 years. 


Yes, both uncooked and cooked quinoa may be frozen to prolong the shelf life of the grain. To keep the product, just place it in an airtight container; no further preparation is required. When it comes to unopened packages of uncooked quinoa, just place the product in the freezer with the original packing intact.

The Risks Of Consuming Quinoa That Has Been Expired

The use of expired quinoa is not recommended, although some may be consumed accidentally, resulting in minor food poisoning. There isn’t going to be any lasting harm done by a mouthful of spoiled quinoa. Dehydration is caused by food sickness because of the excessive fluid that exits the body as a result of perspiration and diarrhea. It is unlikely that mild foodborne illness symptoms would persist for more than three days. Instead of waiting around, schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as the pain begins to get substantially worse and the problems do not improve after taking any over-the-counter medicine.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “how long does quinoa last?. “We also talked about the shelf life of quinoa as well as the best ways of storing them.