How long does miso paste last?

In this brief article, we will answer the question how long does miso paste last, and three storage tips.

How long does miso paste last?

Miso paste can last for one year, it is a slat rich food and if refrigerated it does not go bad for as long as one year.

Miso is a Japanese traditional pasta seasoning which is produced by fermentation of soybeans with salt and grains like rice, barley, seaweed or other ingredients. miso paste finds its application in many food items especially as a seasoning over pasta.

Miso is used in glazing vegetables, in burger blend, as a mashed potato seasoning, as a margination of steak, and as a sauce. It is already very common in pasta recipes as it makes pasta rich in taste. Miso paste is also used to sauté vegetables with butter mixture.

Nutritional benefits of miso:

Miso is nutritionally very rich as a food, as a seasoning or as a paste. Miso helps the body by its anti-inflammatory properties, it maintains the nutritional balance and has a vast amount of vitamins. It has beneficial bacteria and enzymes to help the body as well.

Miso is leaded with vitamins like Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. It also has choline, linoleic acid, lecithin and a large ratio of dietary fiber in it. It helps the body as an anti-inflammatory and aids in digestion as well.

White miso paste vs Red miso paste:

Depending on manufacturing ingredients miso is very versatile in its taste and color. Red miso paste and white miso paste does not have any major differences in general except their ingredients.

Red miso paste is made of soybeans fermented with barley or any other grain except rice. It has a higher percentage of soybean and a longer fermenting period. As compared to it white miso paste has a smaller fermentation time period. White miso is made of fermented soybean with a large amount of rice

Shelf life of miso:

Miso is a fermented product with a large amount of salt in it, due to its fermented nature it can remain unspoiled for a longer period of time. Unopened package of miso paste can last more months than its expiration month if stored properly.

Miso comes in proper packaging, if you refrigerate it after opening the packaging it stays safe of any spoilage for 2 months. but this time period can be extended by using proper storage conditions. The shelf life of miso paste is extended to 4 months or more by providing proper storage conditions.

How to store miso:

Miso is a fermented product so it may have a long shelf life but fermentation products have more risk of microbial attack. A slight change in temperature can mess up with the taste. It is best to store fermented products properly and as safe as possible.

In case of miso the storage conditions are:

Storage conditions:

Miso is stored in a cool, dry, dark place where sunlight does not reach it. As it is a fermented product the process of fermentation may start or get disturb because of sunlight hence affecting the quality of the product.

Proper packaging:

Miso paste is packaged in airtight seal packages, if opened the jar can be stored in the refrigerator. Make sure to keep the jar refrigerated when not using to avoid spoilage of miso paste. In case of close package, you can store it in a cool, dark place like kitchen pantry


Miso paste is a fermented product and may not always require proper refrigeration. It is a natural preservative so there is no need to refrigerate it all the time. Sometimes people don’t even refrigerate it all and it’s okay if you are storing it in proper conditions away from heat

Miso paste has almost the same storage conditions as tabasco and needs cool, dry, dark storage. Kitchen pantry is the best place to store without any light source there. If you don’t want to refrigerate it, you can leave it in the pantry but make sure to keep it away from heat. Don’t place miso paste near the stove or any heat source

How to identify bad miso?

Miso paste has a long shelf life of one year if stored properly, but sometimes storage conditions are not properly followed. Expired miso is not good for consumption and should not be used, as it may cause health harm.

The storage condition of miso shows that it can stay in good quality for a long period of time. The signs if miso goes bad are:

  • Miso starts to discolor after it expires or gets spoiled
  • Mold formation in miso is quite common if it is not stored properly
  • The smell of miso changes if it is not stored properly

It is not always that miso turns bad or spoils, the quality deteriorates after a while. It is beats to discard an expired product


In this brief article, we have answered the question how long does miso paste last, and three storage tips.